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Zoo Boise opens new exhibit Sunday | Boise, Garden City, Mountain Home | Idaho Statesman

Zoo Boise opens its newest exhibit Sunday, 'Animals of the Pampas.' It will feature animals from South America’s pampas region, a giant anteater and maned wolf, and in late June, three rheas -- birds in the same family as emus and ostriches -- will be added. It will open to the public during Zoo Boise’s annual Zoo Daze event from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ For more information, see or call (208) 384-4260. Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Speedy Florida high school QB picks Boise State football team | Boise State Football | Idaho Statesman

Nick Patti’s mother came to the same conclusion Thursday that he reached three weeks ago during his visit to the Boise State football program: He’s a Bronco. She gave him the green light Thursday evening after the latest family chat about Patti’s future and the quarterback from Orlando, Fla., immediately called coach Chris Petersen to give his oral commitment to join the 2012 recruiting class. Petersen told Patti that he was the Broncos’ top choice at quarterback. “We had been talking about it the past couple days,” Patti said of his family. “We talked about it tonight. My mom said, ‘You should probably call Coach Pete.’ That was it. When she looked at me and said that, that was it.” Patti’s original plan was to wait until the end of May to make his decision. He’s in spring football all month with his team at Dr. Phillips High. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Corps of Engineers warn of possible flooding in Snake River Basin after storms over next several days | News Updates | Idaho Statesman

The combination of higher temperatures followed by a significant storm is expected to push several rivers in the Snake River Basin to near or above-flood stage over the weekend. Another large system is forecast to come through next week, and that could cause major flooding in some areas, the U.S. Corps of Engineers said in a press release Friday. Boise River flows are being maintained below flood stage. Discharge from the dam is currently 9,700 cubic feet per second, with flows at the Glenwood Bridge gauge at about 6,800 cfs. Flood stage is 7,000 cfs. Corps officials say more than 50,000 sand bags have been put out in Payette and Gem Counties, as well as the City of Horseshoe Bend. Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, county and city emergency management agencies are taking additional precautions, the corps said in a release Friday. Here's an overview of what's expected for other rivers in Idaho in the coming week: [...] Full article at  

Boise State faculty members create gaming platform to help reach students through technology | Boise State University | Idaho Statesman

The Doors’ hypnotic rhythms provide the musical backdrop as students in Chris Haskell’s educational technology class use laptops to work their way through their final quests. As they complete a task, students may earn a reward or advance to a higher level. The highest rank is “teacher.” That’s what most of these undergraduate students want to become in real life, and along the way they’re among the first to venture into a new teacher-training approach devised by Haskell and Boise State’s Department of Educational Technology Chairwoman Lisa Dawley. The two are using the platform to teach those future teachers, and they hope those new teachers will, in turn, use it with their students. It’s called 3D GameLab and sports the tag line, “Turn your classroom into a living game.” [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kristin Rodine: 373-6447 Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Why does hair turn gray? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Q: There they were. While blow drying my hair this weekend, I saw two renegade gray hairs right square on top of my head. I’d like to think they’re a result of the increasing stress I’m under at work, and am scared to admit that it might actually be a sign of aging. Is it possible for stress to actually make my hair go gray? A: First of all, how is the word gray spelled anyway? It is grey? Or is it gray? Don’t you often wonder that yourself? Well, I did. That is, until my hubby challenged my double word scoring of “grey” in Scrabble. Then, I looked it up in good ol’ Webster’s and found out that either spelling of the word is correct. Upon further research, I also learned that generally, “grey” is used more often in England, and “gray” is more commonly used in America. Sort of like color and colour or center and centre. Now that we have that out of the way, we can focus on the real question at hand — what is it that makes hair go gray in the first place and could it possibl

Make the switch to a natural deodorant | MNN - Mother Nature Network

Photo: iStockphoto So let's talk armpits. Specifically, let's talk about something you probably put on your armpits every morning: deodorants and antiperspirants. These B.O. blasters come in almost every scent imaginable, in forms from roll-ons to clear gels. Your supermarket aisle probably stocks two dozen varieties. Almost every one will have something in common: aluminum chlorohdrate or aluminum zirconium. And that could be a problem. Concern about aluminum Natural health groups have been pressing government and regulatory agencies for years to take a hard look at the long-term safety of aluminum in cosmetic products. Aluminum is what gives antiperspirants their wetness-fighting ability, and they're highly effective. Commercial deodorants can contain up to 25 percent aluminum salts by weight. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

From Richard Harris

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MOA Tonight

We listen to music and talk to people. The number is 1-208-343-1100. Watch live on cable or on-line and give us a call between 10 and 11PM MT, watch previous shows on YouTube here , and check out the backgrounds on YouTube  here . Check out rising local talents  OCTO  &  Poppa Joe  on tonight's show.   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Clarified Butter/Yesterday

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Illicit/Track 11

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Garden City Limits/Outside the Line

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Does Your Brain Take Naps While You’re Awake? – TIME Healthland

Have you ever been so exhausted that you feel basically half-asleep? Turns out, that may be what's literally going on in your brain, according to a new study published in Nature .   In a study of rats, researchers found that when the animals were deprived of sleep, parts of their brains (specifically, neurons in two areas of the cerebral cortex) switched into a sleeplike state, even while the rest of the brain stayed awake — and the rats themselves appeared completely alert. The new findings may help researchers better understand how sleep-deprivation affects human performance and may even shed light on why sleep is necessary to begin with. Researchers led by Giulio Tononi of the University of Wisconsin-Madison measured the electrical activity in the brains of 11 rats, which they kept awake past their bedtimes by continuously introducing new objects into their cages. They found that the activity in some brain areas in the rats showed brief descents into "slow wa

Avenpitch/Like Rain

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KTVB.COM - Lower Treasure Valley Weather Alert

 Flood Warning  Statement as of 12:37 PM MDT on May 14, 2011 The National Weather Service in Boise has issued a * Flood Warning for the Bruneau River near Hot Springs. * From this afternoon to Sunday may 22... or until the warning is cancelled. * At 12:15 PM Saturday the stage was 8.8 feet. * Minor flooding is forecast. * Flood stage is 9.0 feet. * Forecast... rise above flood stage by late this afternoon and continue to rise to near 9.7 feet by Monday early afternoon. The river will fall below flood stage by Saturday the 21st before midnight. * Impact... at 9.0 feet... minor agricultural flooding near the river is likely. Water will approach the bottom of the bridge where Highway 51 crosses the river at mile marker 77 and debris may begin piling up at the bridge.  Special Weather Statement  Statement as of 3:05 am PDT on May 14, 2011/ ... Major weather change coming... Southeastern Oregon and southwestern Idaho will have one last warm day today before a c

The dirty dozen: 12 products you should avoid -

Tune in to CNN on Saturday at 3 p.m. ET for a special Earth Day edition of CNN's "Green Solutions: In Focus." The award-winning series is produced by CNN photojournalists and brings you stories of people's efforts to save our planet and nourish a nation . (MNN) -- So you've decided to take the plunge -- to embrace lighter living, green your life and do something to help the environment. But where to begin? The best place to start is by moderating your consumption. You can dramatically reduce the size of your footstep on the planet by making smarter choices in the things you buy and the amount your household uses. It's not something you have to do all at once: just commit to steady, incremental change. Small steps become big journeys over time. Our article, 10 first steps toward lighter living , is a good place to get grounded. If you're ready to take on taming your shopping cart, we've put together a list we call the dirty dozen. These a

Does a Monster Flood Have to Fuel a Monster Dead Zone Too? | Mother Jones

Sediment-laden water pours into the Gulf of Mexico from the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers. Credit: Norman Kuring, Ocean Color Team. As you can see from the image above, a lot more than water comes down a river. The Mississippi and its distributary , the Atchafalaya River, carry an average of 230 millio n tons of soil into the Gulf of Mexico every year. On flood years, the total runs a lot higher. That's going to cause downstream problems this year... all the way downstream to the ocean. But before we go there, let's take a quick look at how the system works. Credit: USGS. The graphic above shows sediment concentration and sediment discharge for major US rivers. The giant half-circle in the Gulf represents the Mississippi/Atchafalaya discharge. Why are the two rivers bundled together? Because they're really the [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Crossposted from Deep Blue Home . Full article at   Posted via email from Moment

Judge orders 25-year-old man to leave home and find job -

About 4.6 million Spaniards are unemployed, while 1.3 million homes have no one in work. Madrid (CNN) -- A 25-year-old Spanish man has been ordered by a judge to leave home and look for a job after he took his parents to court for stopping his allowance money. [...] Full article at "In Spain it is not unusual for offspring to remain living with their parents until well into their 30s, a trend strengthened by a tough labor market where the youth unemployment rate is 40.5%, the highest in the European Union." Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

In Japan, Twitter Users 'Tap to Follow' Friends Using NFC

Japan's largest mobile operator NTT DoCoMo and Twitter have announced a partnership that allows the operator access to Twitter's database. As a part of the deal, users will be able to tap phones in order to follow each other on Twitter. The operator will also integrate Twitter updates and other related content in its feature phone portal called  i-mode  and on its smartphone portal, the DoCoMo Market. In total, the new integrations will reach 58 million NTT DoCoMo customers in Japan. Although not part of the press release , a Twitter-based location-based alerting service is in the works too, according to reports . This service will involve harvesting tweets to alert Twitter users about local events and places, among other things. A Twitter Alert Service The location-based alerting service will involve the collection of public Twitter updates, but with the personal information removed. Twitter will be responsible for anonymizing this data before turning it over to th

Waist size predicts heart-disease death better than weight -

Waist size provides a far more accurate way to predict a heart patient's chances of dying at an early age from a heart attack. Doctors have long known that obesity increases a person's risk of heart disease, but in recent years the picture has grown more complicated. Several studies have found that a high body mass index is associated with a lower risk of dying from heart disease and other chronic illnesses -- a mysterious phenomenon that has come to be known as the "obesity paradox." (Body mass index, or BMI, is a ratio of height to weight used to define obesity.) According to a new analysis in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the paradox appears to be explained by the simple fact that BMI is a very flawed measure of heart risk. Waist size provides a far more accurate way to predict a heart patient's chances of dying at an early age from a heart attack or other causes, the study found. [...] Full article at  cnn.c

Cholesterol Medication Recall - High Cholesterol - Cardiology Channel

Drug manufacturer Pfizer announced that it recalled almost 200,000 bottles of its blockbuster anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor® (atorvastatin) due to reports of a musty odor coming from some bottles.   The recall, which took place in August 2010, involved seven lots of 40 mg Lipitor manufactured by a third-party supplier. Five of the recalled lots were distributed in the United States; two additional lots were distributed in Canada, according to [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Scientists Identify Possible Human Lung Stem Cell – TIME Healthland

Scientists believe they've discovered stem cells in the lung that can make a wide variety of the organ's tissues, a finding that might open new doors for treating emphysema and other diseases.   When these human cells were injected into mice, they showed their versatility by rebuilding airways, air sacs and blood vessels within two weeks. One expert called that "amazing." While stem cells have been found in bone marrow and some other parts of the body, it hasn't been clear whether such a versatile cell existed in the lung. Experts not involved in the study stressed that the work must be confirmed by further research and that it's too soon to make any promises about therapies. But they said it could be a significant advance in a difficult field of research. "These are remarkable findings and they have extraordinary implications," said Dr. Alan Fine of Boston University, who called the mouse results amazing. "But it has to be repli

Five Drug-Free Ways to Treat ADHD Symptoms - ADHD

Probably the most popular method to treat ADHD in children is through the various ADHD medications . For many children the medications can work successfully in diminishing the symptoms of ADHD. Yet there are instances where the medications don’t work as well as parents had hoped or they have so many side effects that the medication is stopped. It is also true that medications are but one tool in our arsenal to treat the symptoms of ADHD. What can be of great benefit is to use a multi-treatment approach combining non-prescription methods with medication if necessary. As a former special educator and as a parent of a special needs child, it is my opinion that the treatment options with the least amount of potential risk should be utilized first. I believe in only providing as much intervention as is necessary. This means to use a multi-tiered approach. It has been my experience to try the non-medication methods first and then add medication only if it is deemed essential for

Chinese conjoined twins fight for survival -

Conjoined twins born in China Beijing (CNN) -- Conjoined twin girls -- each with a fully developed skull, but sharing one body -- have been born in China, according to their father, who said the babies are suffering from a host of health problems. "The doctor said they are in critical condition," father Liao Guojun told CNN by telephone, as his babies cried in the background in a hospital intensive care unit. "The girls suffer from more than 10 illnesses right now and their chance for survival is very low." But he said the girls -- affectionately dubbed "Left sister" and "Right sister" by their parents -- bring the new mother and father much joy. "They cry at the same time, they sleep at the same time and they wake up together, and sometimes their hands wiggle in the air, grabbing for each other's hand," Liao said. "It's very cute." [...] Full article at It's coo

Where the Roads End in Water: The Lake That Won't Stop Rising - Lisa M. Hamilton - Life - The Atlantic

For 18 years, North Dakota's Devils Lake has been flooding non-stop and turning farms into resorts—this year as badly as ever. The first installment in a three-part series. The lake itself is not shocking. In fact, to eyes like mine, seeing it for the first time, it looks unremarkable, benign even—flat, blue, shallow around the edges. What's unnerving are the signs that the land beneath was dry not long ago. Every few miles along the highway, a cross-street leads straight into the blue, the yellow center lines almost beckoning drivers to follow and submerge. In the town of Minnewaukan, just past D Avenue, Main Street itself disappears into the water. Around the corner, the playground in front of the local school awaits the water without defense. The football field across the street is already gone, transformed into a wetland with little mounds of grass where marsh birds nest. A wire cage still stands where the baseball diamond was, but on a Saturday afternoon in Ap

1st CA gig booked!

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Babies behind bars: doing time with mom -

Children raised in prison Johannesburg (CNN) -- In one Johannesburg prison there are 27 toddlers locked behind bars. The only crime they're guilty of is being born to a mother who broke the law and was jailed. They are South Africa's littlest inmates, doing time with mom. For them, home is the cold, dark corridors and cells of the Johannesburg Female Correctional Facility. Prisons around the world struggle with the question of whether female inmates should raise their babies behind bars. In South Africa, women are allowed to serve time with their children. In the Johannesburg Female Correctional Facility, newborns are housed with their mothers in a hospital wing in a separate section of the facility. [...] Full article at Posted via email from Moments of Awareness


From: Ken Cook, EWG Action Fund Date: Mon, May 9, 2011 at 8:31 AM Dear Friend, Myth : If the store sells it, it must be safe. Fact : The government has no authority to require companies to test personal care products for safety before they reach the store shelf. This is not news to you, because you rely on Skin Deep to guide you to safer choices that help protect your family from chemicals that could be harmful. But do you ever stop and think; shouldn't the government be looking out for us? Click here to sign EWG Action Fund's Safe Cosmetics petition. It's time for Congress to take action and make sure that personal care products are safe for our families. Right now, the industry can use almost any ingredient in its products without testing it for safety. And at a time when some people are applying more than 100 different ingredients every single day, it's important to make sure they're safe before they reach the market -- and our skin. The in

Every dollar gets doubled - for a limited time

From: Krista A. Byers, National MS Society Date: Tue, May 10, 2011 at 8:00 AM Donate now and DOUBLE your gift! For a limited time, your gift to the National MS Society will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $150,000. Our good friends and national sponsor, Pure Protein®, makers of high-quality protein snacks, want to double the value of your support. Any gift you give in response to this email, up to the first $150,000 we receive by May 18, will be matched dollar for dollar.  Give today and help us leap forward . Your many ways of supporting the mission to create a world free of MS make such a difference. I hope you’ll consider taking advantage of this opportunity before it gets away. With sincere thanks, Krista Asteriadis Byers Associate Vice President National MS Society P.S. Give now and your gift will be doubled! This match applies to all non-event related gifts received in response to this message. Other fundraising efforts — including Bik

The Secrets of Thin People | Real Simple

Thin people favor bulky foods. Barbara Rolls, a professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University, has done extensive research on “calorie density,” or the ratio of calories to the weight of food. Simply put, foods with a high water content―fruits, vegetables, water-based soups and stews, and cooked whole grains―are low in calories but satiating. Most also contain lots of fiber (an apple has three grams; one cup of cooked barley has six), which fills you up. Whether consciously or not, many thin people follow the strategy of starting out with a sizable soup or salad, which leads them to eat less for the rest of the meal. One Rolls-led study found that subjects who began a meal with a low-calorie salad―about 100 calories for three cups―were more likely to eat fewer total calories. “It subtracted about 12 percent of the calories

Water, water everywhere!

From: Idaho Conservation League Date: Wed, May 11, 2011 at 4:26 PM ICL eBits Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Late Night in Weiser The recent discovery of natural gas in western Idaho has many Idahoans wondering if their drinking water wells will be protected from contamination. A meeting on Monday went late into the night, attended by almost fifty people... Read more . Idaho "Perrier" Did you know Idaho has naturally carbonated springs? And they may hold a bubbly answer to our energy woes? Have you ever tried drinking the water from Soda Springs or seen the geyser shooting 100 feet into the air right in their downtown?... Read more . Flowers! Flowers! But What Are They? O

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Implicit Egotism: Do People Make Life Decisions Based On The Letters of Their Names? - - TIME Healthland

What's in a name? Letters that offer clues to one's future decisions, apparently.   Previous studies have suggested that a person's monogram may influence his life choices — where he works, whom he marries or where he lives — because of "implicit egotism," or the allure of positive self-associations. For instance, a person named Fred might be attracted to the notion of living in Fresno, working for Forever 21 or driving a Ford F-150. ( More on Young Adults Choose Self-Esteem Boost Over Sex and Money ) Now a new study by Wharton professor Uri Simonsohn takes another look at the so-called name-letter effect and offers other explanations for the phenomenon. Simonsohn analyzed records of political donations in the U.S. during the 2004 campaign — which included donors' names and employers — and found that the name of a person's workplace more closely correlated with the first three letters of a person's name than with just the fi

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Donation Yoga Class with Stephanie Phelan

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From Half The World

You are invited to: HTW  with HELLS BELLES @KNITTING FACTORY-BOISE Friday, May 20, 2011 7:00 PM-1:00 PM Knitting Factory Concert House 416 South 9th St Boise, ID 83702 Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Celebrating a Divorce With a Party - Noticed

The occasion? Their pending divorce. The event isn’t likely to approach the extravagance of their wedding party less than three years ago, when they invited 200 guests to a seated dinner at the Four Seasons restaurant in the Seagram Building. The first-time bride wore an off-white, long silk gown by Angel Sanchez, and guests danced to the music of Peter Duchin. Still, the party has engraved invitations with a request for business attire and an effusive statement about the couple’s affection for each other. It is signed, “Fondly, Bonnie and Charles.” Some of those invited have found the whole idea odd. Mr. Bronfman, the former chairman of the Seagram Company, and Mrs. Bronfman, an architect, explained that their “friendship is stronger without being married” and that they wanted to thank their friends for the support. On the invitation, they wrote [...] Full article at I'm all for it. A party wouldn't be my style, but if Dude and I were ever to

From Dialtone Band

  NEWS FROM DIALTONE   You Dialed Ins Ready for tomorrow Night! Let's Show LA what Burbank is all about! You will receive our New EP for FREE, when you come out tomorrow night 5/14 @ 11PM  The Park Bar & Grill . Come out, get your buzz on, dance, meet new friends, and listen to great live music from Dialtone. Dialtone after party as well! See you There!     The Park Bar 2007 W. Burbank Blvd. Burbank, CA 91506 21 and up, $5 cover     MUSIC > Play Songs        > Share Songs       SITES  ReverbNation         Myspace         Facebook       Share   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness