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President Trump is a Genius

The one thing the newest leader of the free world understands better than anything else is, the more heavily a person invests in a thing - be it real estate, a wager, or a political opinion - the harder they'll fight to justify their choice. For people of a certain mindset, the introduction of empirical evidence to the contrary will spur them to dig in and resist a change of heart with even greater fervor (see any active comment section anywhere for proof of that), and the more divided a contingent is kept the easier it will be to set various factions at one another's throats, thus not only allowing for the hegemony to exert greater control with less effort, but distracting from the actual agendas of the ascendancy. By the time enough people get together and begin to wonder why they're fighting each other when they all want the same thing, there'll be little left with which to bring about an evolution (always preferable to a revolution). Those who are most convince