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MOA Tonight

We listen to music and talk to people. Watch on cable channel 11 in the Boise area or on-line at . In the meantime, visit our website , watch previous shows here , and check out the backgrounds here . Give us a call at 1-208-343-1100 between 10-11PM MT, and then join us at MOA's Facebook page  for discussion throughout the week. :) Also this week, check out another blast from the past with MOA Show #2 comin' atcha from September 15, 1996, along with world champion fighter-breaker, Guy Bracali-Gambino , his wife and partner, Toni Bracali-Gambino , and their long-time friend, boxer Joey Winters, joining us in the studio. Band info at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Facebook math problem: Why PEMDAS doesn’t always give a clear answer. - Slate Magazine

Perhaps you’ve seen the problem on Facebook or another forum: 6 ÷ 2(1+2) = ? It’s one of several similar math problems popping up on social networks recently. Perhaps you, too, thought, “Duh! That’s easy,” and then, as I did, became embroiled in an epically long comment thread while your blood pressure steadily rose because you could not possibly understand why the others doing this problem could not get the right answer. Perhaps, if you’re a nerd like me, or you teach math as I do, you even fell asleep thinking about this problem, baffled and frustrated about why you were unable to convince intelligent, educated friends that your calculation of this deceptively simple [...] Full article at "' To my mind,' says Grabiner, 'the major deficit in U.S. math education is that people think math is about calculation and formulas and getting the one right answer, rather than being about exciting ideas that cut across all sorts of in

Medieval Torture's 10 Biggest Myths | LiveScience

#4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Criminals who committed lesser offenses were often subject to a policy of three strikes and you're out-literally. Rather than killing them off or letting them clog up prisons, repeat offenders were often simply banished from a city and not allowed back. Humane and cost efficient? Yup-just don't tell the next, unsuspecting town over.   #2. The Lawless Middle Age Villages? Earlier medieval communities had much more social responsibility than today, in fact. If one member of a village claimed they'd been wronged, he or she would raise a "Hue and Cry" and every resident had to join in the hunt and persecution of the criminal or else they would all be held responsible as a whole. Full article at These are my faves, but the whole thing is worth takin' a look at.   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Ancient Fungus, Algae Discovered in Deep-Sea Mud | Ocean Drilling | LiveScience

The drillship JOIDES Resolution in port in Barbados, just before the start of the expedition in September 2011. CREDIT: IODP/USIO, Jennifer Magnusson. View full size image The story of life on Earth keeps getting stranger. Researchers report they've discovered dormant algae and a thriving community of carbon-chomping fungus deep beneath the ocean floor in 2.7-million-year-old mud. Genetic evidence indicates the most deeply buried fungi are distinct from wind-blown relatives at the planet's surface, suggesting the fungal communities are ancient and isolated. "We've found strong evidence that fungi are alive and active and in the sub-[...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Email Becky Oskin or follow her @beckyoskin . Follow us   @OAPlanet , Facebook   or Google + . Original article on LiveScience's OurAmazingPlanet . Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness