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From Actual Depiction

"actual depiction and victors medium will be live Tonight @ The Quarter Barral on chinden. Show starts at 9pm we start at 11, no cover charge. Hope to see you there:)" Also, 2 Weeks Notice is playing at Liquid tonight and both shows are gonna rock. Lots of great entertainment out there tonight! :) Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Meridian man rescues family's dog from icy pond Friday afternoon, suffers minor bite | Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star | Idaho Statesman

A Meridian family is grateful Friday night for the efforts of a jogger who stopped to rescue their dog from an icy pond earlier in the day. The dog -- a 2-year-old Labradoodle named Lucky -- fell into a pond at Fuller Park, south of West Cherry Lane and west of North Ten Mile Road near Chaparral Elementary School, after 2 p.m. Friday. "This guy went above and beyond," said John Mayton, Lucky's owner. "I would have done that for my own dog, but for someone else's dog? Not everyone would do that. I'm really grateful." Mayton said one of his three kids accidentally let the family's two dogs out of the house. The pair headed straight for the park across the street to chase birds. Lucky, who weighs 70 to 80 pounds, fell into the frigid water. But luck was with Lucky, as there was a passing jogger willing to help get him out. The dog was fully panicked after going under a few times, Mayton said. [...] Full article at

The deficit Americans should think about most: personal character - Yahoo! News

Atlanta – From council rooms in small towns to the marble corridors of Capitol Hill , Americans are rightly focusing on ways to halt the tide of red ink. Facing huge budget shortfalls, states like California and New York are considering radical cuts to balance their books. President Obama acknowledged the seriousness of the problem in his State of the Union message , calling it a "mountain" that could bury us and urging a five-year partial budget freeze. The president is right to admonish us about the magnitude of the problem that he helped mightily to exacerbate. Political leaders who are serious about fiscal discipline deserve some credit for finally acting to correct course. But even the most aggressive measures to reform federal spending won't address the underlying cause of our public debt. That's because the deficit that matters most is not denominated in dollars at all. Its currency is of the heart and mind . It's a manifestation of the values w

Simple life changes could stop millions of cancers - Yahoo! News

LONDON (Reuters) – About a third of all common cancers in the United States , China and Britain could be prevented each year if people ate healthier food, drank less alcohol and exercised more, health experts said on Friday. Estimates from the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) and the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) suggest that making simple lifestyle changes could prevent some 40 percent of breast cancers alone in Britain and the United States, as well as tens of thousands of colon, stomach and prostate cancers . "It is distressing that even in 2011, people are dying unnecessarily from cancers that could be prevented through maintaining a healthy weight, diet, physical activity and other lifestyle factors," Martin Wiseman , a WCRF medical and scientific adviser, said in statement. In China, 620,000 cases, or 27 percent are preventable, the WCRF said, as are about 35 percent, or 340,000, in the United States and 37 percent in Britain. Healthier lif

Storm turns some Super Bowl plans into Super Mess - Yahoo! News

ARLINGTON, Texas – Runways too snowy to receive airliners packed with football fans . Sidewalks too icy for cowboy boots. Temperatures too cold to distinguish Dallas from Pittsburgh or Green Bay. Just two days before the Super Bowl, a fresh blast of snow and ice canceled hundreds of flights, transformed highways into ribbons of white and caused dangerous sheets of ice to fall from Cowboys Stadium , sending at least six people to the hospital. It was enough to turn the biggest week in American sports into a Super Mess. The six people hurt Friday were private contractors who had been hired by the NFL to prepare the stadium for the game. One man was hit in the head, another in the shoulder. None of the injuries was considered life-threatening. Most stadium entrances were closed as a precaution. Officials raised the temperature inside the arena in an attempt to melt remaining ice. The Dallas-Fort Worth area received as much as 5 inches of snow overnight — nearly twice its an

Wyakin Warrior Foundation: a new way to help veterans | Boise, Garden City, Mountain Home | Idaho Statesman

Coeur d’Alene native Josh Callihan knows what it’s like to be a wounded veteran in need of help. When he was just 20, he was shot in the back while serving as a Marine on the Iraq/Kuwait border. Paralyzed and in a wheelchair, he dropped, unprepared, back into civilian life. But a mentor stepped in at just the right time to give him a job — and a future. Now Callihan, a public affairs specialist at the Boise Veterans Administration Medical Center, is joining a group of prominent veterans and local lawmakers to create a unique opportunity for recently discharged wounded veterans. A $102,000 grant from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation will help pay for five students to begin their studies this fall at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho through the new Wyakin Warrior Foundation. “When a veteran comes home, severely wounded and struggling, questions of education and career aren’t always on the top of the list,” said Callihan. “But they should be.”

Zuckerberg dad: Mark got computer exposure young - Yahoo! News

NEW YORK – Mark Zuckerberg's father said in a radio interview Friday that an early exposure to computers inspired his son's interest in technology, and he encouraged parents to support their children's strengths and passions with a balance of "work and play." "My kids all grew up around the office and were all exposed to computers," said Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, a dentist. "There are advantages to being exposed to computers early on. That certainly enriched Mark's interest in technology." Zuckerberg said he computerized his offices in 1985. His son Mark Zuckerberg, cofounder and CEO of Facebook, was born in 1984 and was raised in the house where his father's dental offices are located in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., in suburban Westchester. The dentist spoke for an hour on Westchester station WVOX in an interview with Paul Feiner, supervisor of Greenburgh. Dobbs Ferry is a village in the town of Greenburgh. [...] Full article at

Idaho wind-farm complex completed | Business | Idaho Statesman

The acreage hosts Idaho’s largest portfolio of wind farms, the partners in the farms said Thursday. Construction was completed in just five months, resulting in the installation of 122 General Electric 1.5-megawatt turbines. The turbines are now operational, delivering energy to Idaho Power Co. and its customers, the partners said. The farms are a partnership of GE Energy Financial Services, a unit of GE, and Boise-based Exergy Development Group, Atlantic Power Corp. and Reunion Power. The farms are capable of generating 183 megawatts of energy, enough to power 39,700 average Idaho homes, and are positioned on 11 sites near the Oregon Trail in two topographically diverse regions in southern Idaho situated 70 miles apart. Despite the distance between them, they are able to operate as a unified system, enabling operating efficiencies, or on a site-by-site basis, the companies said. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Peace Jaway

With no room to put snow, Eastern waterways beckon - Yahoo! News

BOSTON – Imagine the East Coast's largest cities mixing a brew of salt, motor oil, trash and grocery carts and dumping it into rivers and harbors. It's allowed in emergency situations, and some officials staring at massive snow mountains in densely populated areas of the winter-walloped Northeast say that time is now, even as others warn dumping snow in water comes with big problems. "There's a lot of stuff in this snow that if I isolated it and threw it in the river, you'd have me arrested," said John Lipscomb of the New York-based environmental group Riverkeeper . Snow from the East Coast's insistent winter is being plowed into banks that are narrowing roads and highway ramps like hardening arteries, blocking drivers' sight lines, and forcing schoolchildren to break paths like cattle as they walk down buried sidewalks. In a normal winter, the snow melts on a good day or is carted off to designated dumps where it eventually filters its pol

Beauty and the Beast showcases Boise State's wrestlers, gymnasts | Boise State Sports | Idaho Statesman

Even the Boise State football team would be hard-pressed to match the talent that will be on display in Friday night’s Beauty and the Beast event at Taco Bell Arena. The Broncos wrestling team puts a No. 9 national ranking on the line against Utah Valley. Four of the Broncos’ wrestlers are undefeated and ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in the country. The gymnastics team, facing Cal State Fullerton, is ranked No. 15. Junior Amy Glass and senior Hannah Redmon are two of the nation’s most entertaining gymnasts. “It’s like the showcase that we try to get everybody out to watch,” senior wrestler Adam Hall said. “It’s a cool event. We had an awesome crowd last year. … Both our programs are in the top 15. You’re coming out to watch the best.” This is the home finale for the wrestling team and senior day for eight team members. The Broncos have positioned themselves to make a run at the national championship. InterMat, which lists teams based on their potential to score points at the nati

BBC defends Mexico jokes on Top Gear - Yahoo! News

LONDON (AFP) – The BBC apologised to the Mexican ambassador to London on Friday for remarks made about him on a top television show -- but defended its jokes about the country as being part of British humour. Ambassador Eduardo Medina-Mora had written to the BBC earlier in the week about comments made by presenters of the motoring show Top Gear describing Mexicans as "lazy", "feckless" and "flatulent". The BBC said in a statement that the executive producer of the show had "written to the Mexican Ambassador and apologised for the comments made about him during the show." But it added: "On the broader issue of comments about Mexicans as people, the show has explained they were making comic use of a stereotype; a practice with which regular viewers of Top Gear will be familiar." In the show, during a discussion about a sports car made by Mexican firm Mastretta, presenter Richard Hammond said vehicles reflected national char

Our View: Big game, small world | Editorials | Idaho Statesman

It’s a long way from Glenns Ferry to the freshly frozen tundra of North Texas. To say nothing of the road from North Pole, Alaska. Yet Korey Hall and Daryn Colledge are headed to Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, Texas, by way of Bronco Stadium. Hall, a fullback, and Colledge, an offensive guard, both play for the Green Bay Packers, who will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Our View” is the editorial position of the Idaho Statesman. It is an unsigned opinion expressing the consensus of the Statesman’s editorial board. To comment on an editorial or suggest a topic, e-mail . Full article at   Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Carolyn Hax: Feathers fly over comments about chicken- fried steak | Carolyn Hax's columns | Idaho Statesman

Adapted from a recent online discussion. Carolyn: I screwed up, big time. I’m an active fitness competitor. As a result, I eat clean — mainly vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. This weekend, my husband and I were out with his mother and sister when his mom, who has a habit of commenting on my food choices, looked at my salad and said, “I just don’t see how you can do that to yourself.” I looked at her chicken-fried steak and fries and said, “I just don’t see how you can do that to yourself.” [...] ~~~~~~~~~~ E-mail . Chat online at 10 a.m. Fridays at . Full article at I really like Ms. Hax (and apparently, given that she's syndicated from the WA Post, so do a lot of other people :D). Her final statement here, "... She put you in the position of having to defend yourself, giving her the greater responsibility," is something that's often overlooked but makes a difference in

From Dialtone Band

Hey kiddies,   Come pre-Super Bowl party down with Dialtone and Electric Tirade this Saturday, Feb. 5th at TRiP in lovely Santa Monica!! Show starts at 9PM and we hit the stage at 11PM!!!I Wear your favorite football team jersey to the show, we'll give you a free copy of Space Grunge, our new EP!! 21 and UP, NO COVER!! Dial in, Turn on, and SHOW UP!!     Cheers,   Paul, Mike and George     TRiP Bar 2101 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405 Posted via email from Peace Jaway


An herbalist friend of mine tells me that she started using Eyebright  about six months ago. Her vision was (and I've tried her glasses, she's not kiddin') very poor. She said she noticed an effect, but it sunk in how well it was working the morning she woke up, looked at the clock, and not only could she read it but it was so clear (as was everything else) that she forgot to put her glasses on for several hours. Worth a shot if the vision is going, but as with anything it's wise to have a knowledgable person on hand (professional or trusted layperson) to advise on use, and to have and use resources like Erowid and WebMD  (which doesn't have anything in it's section on Eyebright but should) to round out one's understanding of uses and potential issues. (Thanks, Jeff. :)) Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Barnett and Foley: The Nuts and Bolts of the ObamaCare Ruling

For months, progressives smugly labeled the legal challenges to ObamaCare as "silly" or even "frivolous." Today their confidence must be severely shaken. Late Monday afternoon in Pensacola, Fla., U.S. District Court Judge Roger Vinson delivered the second major judgment that the centerpiece of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—the "individual mandate" that forces Americans to buy health insurance whether or not they want it—is unconstitutional. In December, District Court Judge Henry Hudson ruled against the mandate in a separate lawsuit brought by the state of Virginia. But Judge Vinson's sweeping and powerfully reasoned decision this week went much further, striking down the entire health-reform law on the grounds that the individual mandate was not severable from the rest of the statute. And the plaintiffs in Judge Vinson's courtroom included the attorneys general of 26 states, not just one. His opinion thus casts a dark

Bronco Nation/Poppa Joe

   Download now or listen on posterous Bronco_Nation.mp3 (3603 KB) Poppa Joe Posted via email from Peace Jaway

MicroBot - EA Games

WATCH THE MICROBOT TRAILER NOW                               MicroHexon Research thought they had revolutionized medical technology when they invented the MicroBot, a microscopic robot specifically designed to assist the immune system in fighting a variety of health ailments. Unfortunately, due to a disastrous malfunction, their technology is now working in tandem with the viruses and bacteria and attempting to take over the host body. Now it is up to you to stop the biotechnical infestation before it’s too late. Pilot a prototype cutting-edge MicroBot that can be customized and upgraded mid-mission in order to cure the infected host. Improve your weaponry, movement, defensive options and special attacks using data fragments harvested from eradicated enemies. Travel through blood, bone, breath and brain as you track down and eliminate the cause of the infection. But are you the ultimate cure…or the next disease? [...]

Are You Overdoing It?

Today's blog post comes courtesy of my husband who, as I mentioned in yesterday's post, started P90X at the beginning of the month. If you don't know, P90X is an extreme strength training program designed to kick your butt (and my review of it is coming soon). The fact that he spent the first 3 weeks of the program walking around with stiff, sore muscles that never seemed to recover (all while shouting unspeakable things at the TV), had us wondering - was he overdoing it? Clearly a program like that is designed to overload your body in a very specific way, but sometimes it's hard to know if you've gone too far. There are obvious signs - Sharp pain in the joints, pulled muscles that don't allow you to move, much less walk or, worse, something torn or broken. Other times, you might think - I don't feel 100%, but does that mean I should rest or keep going? If I'm sore, should I exercise or skip it ? Even seasoned exercisers struggle with tha

From The Greenpoint Homewreckers

A quote: " We've been in this neighborhood long enough to get bedbugs twice " :D I found that amusing. You can check out their tunes at MySpace . :) Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Nick Miller

Author of Isn't It Pretty To Think So Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Josh Ritter/Introducing 'The Animal Years': Deluxe Reissue & Vinyl Editions!

From: Josh Ritter Date: Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 12:39 PM How do , folks? We got a handful of exciting news to tell you about from the world of Josh Ritter, including some information many of you have been waiting a long time to hear.... In this eNewsletter:      • 'The Animal Years' Reissued as Deluxe, Vinyl Editions      • Poster Photo Contest: Win Autographed Tour Poster      • 2nd Dublin Show Added at Vicar Street!      • "How About We"....Win Concert Tix on the Popular Dating Site?      • eTown Performance Now Airing, Streaming And don't forget that Josh and the band are about to hit the road for tours in the USA, IRELAND, EUROPE and the UK!  The most up-to-date tour dates and information at .  The band is at their musical and stylish best - as captured recently - and amazingly - by our next generation of fans like Will (age 6) from Denver.  Check it out ! Plus......stay tuned for more great news about NEW MUSIC from Josh to hear (and

June 30, 2010

Chasin' Flutter-bys, Baby Thimbleberries, Dogs, Buddy the Cat, Iris, Flowering Plant, Clover & Fun With Binoculars See and download the full gallery on posterous PS Little Bella (Ms. Butterfly-Chaser)'s foot got broken Saturday. She's recovering at home (we're missin' her 'round here :)), but if you pray she and her peeps (and Hershey, whom you may have seen on last week's show :)) would surely appreciate a shout out to the Lord for her smooth and quick recovery. If you don't, maybe you could spare some good wishes on her part. :) Thanks! Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Alex Grey

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Check out the Intro in the 'Paintings/Sacred Mirrors' section. Awesome stuff. Thanks, Donnie! Posted via email from Peace Jaway

.: Welcome to

via Thanks, Ron (and for this , too :))! :D I think if there is a zombie attack it's gonna be related to nanotech or a heavily-mutated brain pathogen. Posted via email from Peace Jaway

Assertiveness in Relationships

Most of the time, when peo­ple think of the term self care they think of bub­ble baths, get­ting a mas­sage or for those who have strug­gled with food and body image, exer­cise and eat­ing well are the first to come to mind. And while all of those things are impor­tant, good self care runs much deeper than the things that typ­i­cally come to mind. Not only should you be tak­ing care of your­self phys­i­cally but you should also be mak­ing sure that your inner most needs are being met. This is what I call pri­mary self care and build­ing assertive­ness in rela­tion­ships is a really impor­tant aspect of this essen­tial form of self care. Not only is it impor­tant for your own self care, it is also impor­tant for main­tain­ing healthy relationships.   Assertive­ness in Rela­tion­ships Build­ing assertive­ness in rela­tion­ships is a strug­gle for many peo­ple. It can be caused by low self esteem or a parental rela­tion­ship that didn’t allow you to talk about your needs o

The Corruption Game - NotPhil's Notebook

Juan Cole, a professor of history and [...] Full post at Mr. Cole makes the (I think very good) point that basing our foreign policies on who's trying to hurt us and how means working from within a 'conspiracy theory' kind of framework at a national level. That approach rarely works out well for individuals, let alone governments. It's one thing to be aware that there are always people (therefore nations) willing to hurt others, sometimes with no reason whatsoever, and to be prepared to meet and defend against actual attacks on ourselves and (if we're able without compromising our own well-being and that of those for whom we are responsible too greatly) others, but seeing threats at every turn and assuming ulterior motives everywhere is self-immobilizing at best and destructive for everyone involved at worst. That behavior rises from the people and trickles down from the government until the national dream becomes a self-perpetuati

Why Diets Make You Fatter -- And What to Do About It | | AlterNet

It's that time of the year again. Every January, the weight-loss frenzy begins anew as the overeating of the holiday season subsides and millions of us resolve that this will be the year that we will lose weight and keep it off. Dieting has become one of the great American pastimes, and no matter what our size, none of us is immune from the messages that we're too fat -- or that we'd better start worrying about becoming too fat. We read about the latest diet craze, enter weight-loss contests, and talk about our dieting struggles. We celebrate the shedding of pounds, and commiserate about their eventual return. As we stand in line at the grocery store, surreptitiously scanning The National Enquirer, we're filled in about the fat-thin-fat-thin roller-coaster ride of Oprah, Russell Crowe, Kirstie Alley, Jessica Simpson, John Travolta, and any other celebrity who puts on or takes off the pounds. As we unload our shopping cart, magazine covers promise

From Sam & Fam/Sam is a fan

You may be familiar with Sam; he's one of our regular callers, works all week with his family on questions for us, which is really cool. :) His mom runs the Drexel Heritage Foundation in Vale, OR, and they offer a variety of activities throughout the year that are fun for the whole family, and free. Put these dates on your calendar now if you're gonna be in the Treasure Valley or eastern Oregon, and support their work in providing a platform for kids of all ages (and adults, too :D) to get involved in creative activities. From: Drexel H Foundation Date: Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 3:21 PM [...] This is a list from our printed event calander: Drexel H. Foundation events:   Art Beat on Main St. Street Dance & Art Fair May 28, 2011 3:00-9:00pm - looking for volunteers & Artists & crafters for booths & demonstrations. (We have a sidewalk chalk art competition that the winner gets $100 cash[...]) Fund-raiser for the Drexel Foundation Art in the Park on Flag Day 6/1

For Football Guruess/Boise Co-op founder and GM says goodbye, for good

  BOISE -- Rarely does the shake-up of a grocery store's management spark emotion and debate from customers. But the Boise Co-op is no ordinary grocery store and this is no ordinary shake-up. Monday night, the founder of the Boise Co-op walked away from the grocery store after nearly 40 years. Ken Kavanagh was fired from his post as general manager two weeks ago and Monday night, he hoped to be reinstated at a public meeting. Instead attorneys for Kavanagh and the Co-op's board of directors reached an agreement that he would say goodbye. [...] Full article at There was a series of DUIs, apparently, over the years, alleged drinking on the job, accusations of sexual harrassment, some claim there was mismanagement of funds that may have been covering embezzlement. I don't know about any of that. What I do know is that there's a profound (and potentially unsettling) similarity between this event and the way Terry's replacement at TVCTV we

From ncftTV

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Moments of Awareness

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From Lisa Lossong

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