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Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-01-09

The King of Pentacles brings us a traveler of childlike temperament with good communication skills and a knack for technology. Self-expression is at the top of the list today, especially through art and the media. Contact with powerful, influential people gives us a push toward expansion in which we finish up old projects and start new ones.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-31-09

The Seven of Pentacles finds us depressed and anxious as forward progress is paused. We reevaluate our goals and our lives and examine the situations in which we find ourselves that cause us dissatisfaction. Work is required here, but our efforts will grow to a cornucopia of reward.

Hard-Working Man

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-30-09

The Three of Wands brings tests of faith and unexpected wins. We'll do well to check theories and beliefs against documentation and, where we're positively motivated, to enter into business contracts. Partnerships and business ventures are favored here.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-29-09

The Ten of Swords requires that we clear up unfinished business and stagnant conditions. We'll do well here to make any course corrections we can anticipate needing and to discard anything we can't use. Our whole lives are subject to our own scrutiny and it's a good time for the ruthless weeding-out of detritus we all need to do from time to time.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 07-28-09

The Page of Wands brings us into contact with a person of philosophical bent with a broad world-view and a teaching demeanor. We're taking inventory of ourselves and our lives, looking for a way to expand the boundaries of our respective worlds. Discussion of ideas related to work, philosophy, and spirituality brings new beginnings, and where sexual attraction is found it's pull is strong today.

Energy of the Day Monday, 07-27-09

The Five of Pentacles brings self-doubt, confusion, misfortune, and loss. We are upset or feel pressured by something or someone outside ourselves, and love, business, and marriage suffer due to unfortunate circumstances. It's a good day for expressing our feelings about what we have and our expectations of what we will have.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-26-09

The Nine of Swords puts a focus on deprivation and suffering for the sake of our causes and ideals. We feel blocked just as we felt we'd be moving forward and find ourselves worried over the future. It makes us anxious that it feels like what we put out of ourselves is bringing discord back our way.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-25-09

The Tower crumbles under the weight of lost faith as we experience devastating and unexpected events and conditions. Financial and business problems arise as well as conflicts that bring separation and even the potential for divorce. We find ourselves faced with bizarre encounters that call for drastic measures.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-24-09

The Ten of Swords has us focused on unfinished business and clearing up what has become stagnant in our lives and environments. Home, family, business, and community top our priority lists and self-expression is supported under this energy. Technology and day-to-day travel figure largely in our choices and results today.