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Mr. & Mrs. Spider

Male (R) & Female (L) Argiope aurantia (Garden Spiders)

Energy of the Month

If we've taken full advantage of the element -cycle [update for all links (February 4, 2104):  MOA T & A Glossary ] we've just been through, this Leo Sun will bring a seemingly miraculous level of bounty. Aries dried our seeds, bringing clarity to the ideas contained within them and the beginnings of physical manifestation. In Taurus we northern hemispherians began the process of germination, growing roots and sprouts, following the heat to the light producing it while southerners' seeds were put away to sleep for the winter . Gemini taught us to breathe, to depend upon the air for life, to be symbiotic and those down under took this time to create dreams and possibilities. Cancer brought the rains and morning dew, snow in the south, refilling lakes and ponds and rivers and to some degree the water table. Now under Leo 's Sun the hard work of spring and autumn are past and we're free to just relax and grow a while, just take what we like of what we fi