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2 Roofers Roofing, Part Deux!


2 Roofers Roofing!

Except today, when the roofers came to fix the big dent left by the tree that fell on our roof around 10:30PM on March 11, 2015. Zach has a novel approach to steeply-inclined roofs like ours - he uses climbing gear to maneuver around roofs with high peaks and varying landscapes - and he and John work together well to make the job look easy. They adapted to a surprise midway through the job when they discovered the old shingle roof had been left in place. It was a surprise that anyone had ever used a shingle roof up here in the first place, frankly, but I remembered a stash of old shingles someone left in the 'back room' on the outhouse that we never knew what they were for. Indeed, they were leftovers from the original roofing job and gave the guys plenty of material to replace the shingles they had to take out to replace the broken part of the plywood underlay. See, I told ya our outhouse is fancy-shmancy, two holes and a back room! You'll be glad to know, if y

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