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The Tiniest Things - from the 'Cycles of My House' series

So,  host and parasite . On the rare occasion a parasite makes itself known around here it kicks off an immediate round of appropriate treatment, but we do our best to stay ahead of those things where it's prudent to do so - a course of wormwood for the mammals every couple weeks to couple months, depending upon the season; a dusting of diatomaceous earth focused on spots the furred animals (indoors and out) like to frequent, every couple of years at the height of summer; clove oil and pressed garlic when new fish are introduced - and the little buggers seem to stay at bay. It helps too that we experience a fairly deep freeze (or have usually done, that may be changing as this past winter was quite mild) at least part of every winter that renders inviable many dormant eggs and larvae. Given that the host/parasite relationship is somewhat unique in being both dependent and destructuve, it cycles within other cycles and seemed a good place to start this series, in which I'll shar

Thunderstorming Now!

Nighttime lightning, and thunder. :) No rain yet, it's still a few miles off. Gettin' good lightning activity, though. Use this link to start near the beginning shortly before a pretty good display. :)