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Energy of the Day Saturday, 01-03-09

The Ace of Cups sets our sights on inspiration, fresh starts, and satisfaction. Creativity and love are strongly supported here and new ideas abound, particularly with regard to our pleasure. Emotion and intuition guide us well as long as our choices are illuminated by the light of realistic practicality.

Energy of the Day Friday, 01-02-09

The Emperor puts our focus on the formulation of solid new plans and the beginnings of their construction. A person or thing enters our lives that brings opportunity for new partnerships and lifestyles and we are enlivened with nascent energy. It's okay to look back here as lessons from the past show us how to move forward.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-01-09

The Empress speaks of a quiet beginning to the new year, a day of feeling and allowing in which intuition is key. Expression of self is achieved through our way of being rather than what we do, and connections occur effortlessly as we are magnetically drawn to those we seek. Travel and socialization are supported so long as we stay in touch with our inner voice.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-31-08

The Ace of Cups speaks of pleasure, fresh starts, and new inspiration arising from the wellsprings of the soul. We're steeped in emotion, especially love, and called to begin and renew creative endeavors. Intuitive energy is high, and our efforts are well-spent brainstorming for novel approaches.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-30-08

The King of Cups tells of an encounter with a person who tends to focus on the family and financial independence. Business we can do from home is strongly supported here, and security is at the top of our list. Love and romance inhabit our daydreams.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-29-08

The Hermit (again) brings us to perfection in one phase as another begins to blossom. Our focus is internal, but our effect is external as we solve problems and find what we've been looking for. Health holds a high priority and people who've been out of our lives for some time return, in thought or reality.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-28-08

The Hermit card speaks of seeking and finding solutions, final stages, and people from the past. Self-analysis takes a high priority today, as does service, especially in areas related to health. Completion of one phase allows commencement of the next.