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Energy of the Day Saturday, 03-07-09

The Ten of Swords asks us to clear up unfinished business and stir up that which has become stagnant in our lives. Further progress will be blocked until we do a little spiritual 'spring cleaning', in ourselves, our homes, our businesses, and our communities. Communication and self-expression are supported here, as is the use of technology.

Energy of the Day Friday, 03-06-09

The Five of Cups calls for patience and conservation of energy as exhaustion sets in and delays force us to reassess our position. We find ourselves longing for a bit of excitement but too tired of fighting the status quo to put forth the energy required to create it. Given that action taken today is likely to have at least some destructive effect, we'll do well to control our attitudes and intentions.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 03-05-09

The King of Wands brings us into contact with a person who's fully aware of themself, and who does not hesitate to manifest the reality of their choosing. We stand alone today despite being in contact with others, and planning and construction top our lists of things to do. We'll do well to assert ourselves ambitiously here, especially when it comes to business and finance, with an eye to developing the future we desire.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 03-04-09

The Five of Swords asks us to keep our eyes open, lest we fall prey to depression brought on by unforeseen problems. Frustration in work, love, and health leaves us with little energy for superficialities, and we struggle with feelings of defeat. If at all possible, we'll do well to spend time in the company of the friends we find most attractive sharing what each of us envision in our highest ideals.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 03-03-09

The High Priestess has us focused on polarities, and waiting to see how they come together. There's much to learn and apply today, especially in areas of trade and negotiation. Finances benefit from public activity.

Energy of the Day Monday, 03-02-09

The Six of Swords has us forming opinions and evaluating problems, especially those related to work and professional people. Obstacles related to those in the public eye are overcome through cooperative working relationships, and communication between friends is productive. It's a good day to apply technology toward making manifest our hopes, dreams, and wishes.