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Why We're Not Worried About War with North Korea

Update 06-20-2018: Mr. Kim may be beginning to realize that Mr. Trump is no respecter of persons - he's equally faithless to everyone - and may (re)act to this realization with violence (like attracts like), so maybe it'll be North Korea after all, but they won't be alone . Dennis Rodman started making a series of high-profile visits to North Korea in February 2013 , between the filming and the airing of his second appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice . Both times on TCA , Mr. Rodman won nothing as Project Manager and was fired fairly early (after what most bosses would consider rather poor performances in most cases), but was continually praised by Mr. Trump for being a 'Great guy, terrific guy," etc., etc. ad nauseum. Mr. Rodman has befriended Mr. Kim and continues to travel back and forth despite his own declarations that next time he may not be able to come back . Mr. Trump is demonstrably loyal to few or none, although there are secrets he's happy to kee