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Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement works less well when it consists solely of telling someone how great they are and how wonderfully they're doing than when it's based in asking at appropriate times things like, "Are you okay?" and, "Do you need anything?" The former approach allows no space or response for the inevitable times when a person isn't being great or doing wonderfully and introduces the potential for catastrophic breakdown when someone who's used to constant and unwavering praise is finally faced with reality. The latter, however, is a very simple version of the Socratic method that invites the person being reinforced to either acknowledge that they are indeed okay and/or don't need anything - thus cementing those ideas in their heads as their usual state of being - while at the same time offering an opening to say without shame when it's the case, "No, I'm not okay," and/or, "I could use some sugar/help/me-time/what-have