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I'm Slow but I Get There

It's taken me this long to realize that some (maybe many) people who believe in karma are easily swayed from that belief when their lives and (sometimes more importantly) the lives of others don't go to their expectations. Ha. :D How are y'all? I have been really enjoying my time away, marveling at this weather and wondering how it's going to affect various ecosystems. (What do we do about the habitat of the spotted owl when nature goes ahead and shifts it altogether in one fell swoop? Who do we protest against and how does the government stop it from happening? :D ) Lookin' forward to getting more videos made - gonna go shorter with those and more topical - and posts published. The Dudes have been working on a 'fun and family-friendly' (per the directive of Dude, Jr., who is after all the creator and director) animated series as well as some building projects. Family, work, critters, and writing have been keepin' me occupied. I find myself reluct