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Energy of the Day Sunday, 10-04-09

The Devil brings doubt and confusion as our perceptions are clouded and problems seem to multiply. We feel caught in a negative cycle of events where nothing seems to go right and we can't see clearly. It's up to us to choose our attitudes and responses and therefore what grows out of this day.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 10-03-09

The Queen of Swords brings us an analytical sort who tends to emphasize health and service utilizing both science and electronics. Research and development bring changes in our thinking, and we seek training in areas we have not previously explored. We're called to dive deeply today into the well of our emotions, stir things up, and let them be clarified through thought.

Energy of the Day Friday, 10-02-09

The Six of Cups has us coming and going on short trips, if only for the sake of a change of environment. We engage in journeys of nostalgia as well, with friends, lovers, and relatives, exploring what's brought us here and what we want to bring forward. Work and employment figure largely in our considerations as illumination is shed upon the legacy we can expect to leave behind.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-01-09

The Eight of Pentacles brings assistance and backing of our ideas as we take risks regarding finances and assets, or relationships. If we've done our homework we're ready to take a significant step toward enlargement or betterment. Breakthroughs on projects, especially commission-based ones, are found with help from those closest to us.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-30-09

The Two of Pentacles illuminates the emotional stress brought on by difficult schedules and seemingly vain endeavors. We have trouble getting our point across verbally or in writing and find ourselves discouraged over losses in business. The effects of our choices are magnified under this energy, with great good fortune available to those who will work at making the most productive ones.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-29-09

Justice calls today for balance, equity, and patience as we seek to understand if and how fate affects us and the things we do. Health and legal matters, particularly to do with our income, top our lists of priorities, and we find ourselves reaching goals regarding settlements. Cause and effect are clear here if we'll take the time to look for them.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-28-09

The Hanged Man tells of a complete upending of our affairs, bringing focus to our lives, ideals, and dreams. What has been seems obsolete and meaningless, and what we thought would be now appears hopeless. If we are able and choose to allow our emotions to come to rest here it becomes easier to discard the scum and detritus we tend to accumulate along the way, leaving us clear and refreshed moving forward.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-27-09

The Devil brings focus to multiplying problems and negative cycles of events in which every turn seems to be for the worse. Our perception is clouded and our vision limited as we struggle to grasp a bigger picture around our current circumstance. Today's effort becomes tomorrow's reward or consequence, depending upon the intent and attitude behind it.