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Energy of the Day Sunday, 01-11-09

The Two of Cups speaks of affinity, unions (particularly physical) and reunions, support, and cooperation. Our deepest feelings, especially regarding relationships and choices of the heart, rise to the surface, bringing reconciliation, joy, and laughter. Pleasure is paramount here and much can be found in the security offered by family.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 01-10-09

The Knight of Cups sends us out and about, not just away from home but into entirely new realms. We hunger for education and deep social relation, and the heart and mind are one today. If we have a cause, person, or event to advance this is the time to let our passion speak loud and clearly, remembering if we are wise the difference between 'loud' and 'angry'.

Energy of the Day Friday, 01-09-09

The Two of Cups has us looking deep within at our relationships, the choices we make based upon our feelings, reconciliation, and what brings us joy and pleasure. Laughter comes easily when we'll let it, and we'll let it more easily today if we can accept the support of others. Cooperation, unions (especially physical), and reunions bring a sense of familiarity and security.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-08-09

Death comes to bring new life in every area; if there is a focus it will be on work and/or partnerships but we're likely to find change arising at the very foundation of our existence. What we bring forward from what ends will determine what we create as we begin again. Opportunity exists under this energy for renewal at every level, up to and including the terms and conditions around which we base our lifestyles and even our very beings.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 01-07-09

The Eight of Wands gets us moving and spending time away from home. Opportunities, especially in romance, arise out of meetings and long-distance communications. Our philosophical world-view expands today.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 01-06-09

The Four of Swords has us doing, particularly in areas involving letters, paperwork, and finances. Social activity and self-promotion are supported here as is starting or reenergizing a home business. Bounty arises from just, balanced, cheerful behavior.

Energy of the Day Monday, 01-05-09

The Queen of Swords brings us into contact with someone of a service-oriented temperament with a strong dedication to health. Research and investigation rank high on our to-do list today as well as training and instruction in new areas. Philosophical pondering leads to change and fresh ideas, particularly in the realms of science and electronics.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 01-04-09

The Ace of Pentacles illuminates that which is to come together in the future and that which is to replace what's ending. Time and money are best invested in partners, partnerships, and personal prosperity. Pleasure and satisfaction are strongly supported here both in terms of what we have and what we aim for.