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Dennis-Floyd-Irene, with a Touch of Georges

Our first experience in a natural disaster of significant proportions was the Dennis-Floyd-Irene hurricane event in September and October of 1999. We lived in Onslow County at the time, which some of you will know as the home of Camp LeJeune. Dude was stationed with the USMC at nearby New River Air Base. We were in the eye of at least three hurricanes in the course of our eight-ish years in Florida (at NACCS near Pensacola) and North Carolina. The eye, for those who don't know, is the main cyclone in the middle of any tropical system, like a tornado only bigger and wetter but with generally lower wind speeds. From a ground-based perspective one will see a distinct wall of clouds, wind, and rain driven relentlessly in one direction, followed by clear, still, blue skies and then another distinct wall of wind et al going the opposite direction. We felt the effects of many other tropical storms and hurricanes, but being in the eye of a system packing that much power is a distinct an

December - from the 'Year at Robie Creek' series

Originally published in the: The inexorable march of time continues and this year is nearly at an end. It’s been a good one in Robie Creek, and amongst Owl Creekers as well, we trust. Roxanne talked at times in her articles about the turning seasons and the part they have played and continue to play in celebrations throughout known civilizations. I don’t share her depth of knowledge on the subject [check out her articles in the OCG for a closer look], but as for most people, for us November’s been a time of counting our blessings and December is time to divvy them up and redistribute the excess, the origins of the traditions that have become among other holidays Thanksgiving in the northern ⅔ rd s of  North America and Christmas in much or most of the world. These are the traditions in which I was raised and through which I remain comfortable epitomizing these parts of the seasonal cycle. Others may choose to apply different names, traditions, and customs but I believe that t