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Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-27-08

The Two of Swords indicates we're moving ahead regardless of fear or doubt and making necessary choices. It's a good idea to seek out and spend time with friends who support us and help round out our plans. Uncertainty is best met with even-minded thinking and illusion is dispelled through just action.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-26-08

The Lovers card asks us to consider change and new experience, with an emphasis on unions and personal property. Meetings and examination of love and friendship allow for reorganization, particularly in the home. Choices are required here, and travel is eventful.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-25-08

The Six of Pentacles puts the focus on promise and opportunity, health and investment. Starts made today won't necessarily take us where we want to go, but gratification is likely in the end. Solvency is an appropriate priority here, particularly with regard to career.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-24-08

The Seven of Swords speaks of instability and uncertainty, introspection and self-protection. We find ourselves analyzing matters and reprioritizing around family, partners, and health. Intuition and emotion guide us as we navigate the waters of our hopes, dreams, and wishes with the help of close friends.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-23-08

The Four of Swords has us renewing our business and social affairs, promoting ourselves and generally acting as opposed to merely being. Letters, papers, and graphs help us keep track of money matters, and it's important that we remain balanced in our dealings. Reading and writing are at the top of our list today.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-22-08

The Ace of Swords finds us feeling tension and anxiety related to communication and the responses we get from others. It falls to us to control our actions and reactions in explosive situations we encounter today and it's in our best interest to maintain integrity in correspondence. Things that have been in the air begin to gain physicality.