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To a Friend

I've wanted to say to you in case it hasn't yet occurred to you, gullibility is often a trait of one who is themselves honest and forthcoming and assumes the same of others. Understanding that helped me a lot in adjusting my expectations and picking my battles: We have to consider our audience. It's a frustrating fact of human nature that no matter how clear and simple a point, it won't be understood by everyone. Some don't, some can't, many won't get it, and as right as we are in our universe, they're every bit as right in theirs, just not from our perspective if we disagree very vehemently. This is not actually in relation to your recent posts - it's something I've wanted to say often since we last saw you and talked about being gullible - but at the same time, I read those posts and feel intense frustration coming from you and I think, in light of my own choices over the course of my life, "Oh, no, don't scream yourself hoarse, do

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