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Taurus - This magnificent white bull depicts the body Zeus (spirit and mind) wore to attract the Phoenician princess Europa (beauty and grace) as she gathered flowers at the seashore one day. He'd seen her and fallen instantly in love, and he refused to be put off by her reluctance. He stayed around letting her get used to him until one day he knelt before her and she adorned his disguise with flowers and climbed upon his back, a burden he bore happily across the sea (some say she was abducted and he bounded across the water) to the island of Crete where he revealed his true form and they shared sexual pleasure under a cypress tree. She became his queen on Crete and bore him three sons, receiving from him three gifts only he could give - a bronze man to guard her island, a dog so fast no prey could escape it and a javelin that never missed, seeing to the safety and providence of this branch of his family. When her time with Zeus was over she married another man and lived the rest o


Aries  [update for all links (February 4, 2104):  MOA T & A Glossary ] - This gleeful Greek god of war and passion is the prodigal first-born son of Zeus (spirit and mind) and Hera (jealousy and arrogance). He's always running around wreaking havoc, having an ongoing affair with the married Aphrodite (ethereal beauty and unbreakable bonds), getting all the girls pregnant and often ignoring the influence of his sister Athena (inspiration and restraint). His destructive influence is often alarming, as witnessed by his sons and constant companions Deimos (fear and dread) and Phobos 1 (panic and flight), but sometimes palliative from which encounters his daughter Harmonia (harmony and concord) is born. His lovers and offspring are too numerous to recount here; as a dynamic force he's prolific in both conquest and reward. He's often not well-liked - both parents are said to dislike him and his father even claimed at one time to hate him - but he goes about his business of sl