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Energy of the Day Sunday, 12-21-08

The King of Wands brings us face-to-face with someone who is exactly what they appear to be and who brings life and adventure to even the most mundane activities (perhaps in the mirror?). We put ourselves out there today, one of the group but standing alone, and any appropriate opportunity we see to get ahead is to be taken. Construction and development in the areas of business and finance set us on the way to bringing the future from planning to fruition.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 12-20-08

The Page of Wands brings us into contact with a philosophical sort who has a natural teacher's temperament. We want to expand our view of and reach in the world and a good place to find new beginnings is through analysis of our spiritual inventory. Work dominates the day's thoughts, discussions, and activities, but an undercurrent of sexual attraction runs beneath the surface.

Energy of the Day Friday, 12-19-08

The Ten of Wands has us plodding through practical difficulties on the way toward major change or even a move. We're working on the planning and execution of new projects and seeking to bring a new way into being. Today's efforts are broad-mindedly philosophical and their effects will touch large areas of our lives.










Energy of the Day Thursday, 12-18-08

The Six of Cups brings a turning-over, a time of rediscovery and new awareness as we sift through what has been. Changes of scenery, getting out, connecting with friends and loved ones bring us back and move us forward at the same time. We express here where it is we've come from and what we hope to leave behind.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 12-17-08

The Hierophant has us focused on groups and structures in our lives, evaluating with whom it is we align ourselves and searching for truth. Thinking in new ways brings opportunity, and seeking out the advice of someone wiser than ourselves is called for. The secret lies in what we have being everything we need and, whether we know it or not, everything we want in a given moment.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 12-16-08

The Devil card indicates that we can't see what's coming and what we can see is that every issue or problem we're encountering seems to grow and multiply. Intention and attitude matter in the work we do here, since it's the foundation for future developments. Energy is high and we dare to be different, but it is of paramount importance that our reasoning is sound and just.

Energy of the Day Monday, 12-15-08

The Empress puts our focus on being - thinking and feeling - rather than doing. Intuition is strong today and social self-expression and travel are encouraged. We must be still in order to assess our magnetic attractions and allow beauty to find us.