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MOA Tonight

We listen to music and talk to people. Watch on cable channel 11 in the Boise area or on-line at . Watch previous shows here , and check out the backgrounds here . Join us at MOA's Facebook page  for discussion throughout the week. :) Band info at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

U.S. News - Sexual harassment? Boy, 7, accused after groin punch

A 7-year-old boy has been accused of sexual harassment after punching a fellow first-grader in the groin, but the boy's mother says he was acting in self-defense. Tasha Lynch told The Boston Globe  that her son, Mark Curran, was being choked during the Nov. 22 incident on a school bus, and has been afraid to go back to school in South Boston ever since. “I think my kid was right to fight back [after he was choked],’’ she said. “He wasn’t doing anything except protecting himself.’’ [...] Full article at Not sure it's a good idea to tell kids that punching people in the groin is sexual behavior. I intend to tell my son that sex is a loving act that feels good, and that for some people that may involve being punched in various places, perhaps groin included, but that it should only be done consensually, that when it's done non-consensually it's abuse no matter where you hit them (unless it's done absolutely in self-defense). If thi

How to Police Geoengineering?

Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, NASA   When people consider using engineering techniques to counter the effects of climate change, they usually think first about the technical difficulties involved. But a new report points out challenges that may be even more important: regulating the research on such technologies, and their potential deployment. The report is the result of a collaboration organized by the Royal Society, Britain’s premier scientific organization, and a variety of other nongovernmental organizations. In general, geoengineering techniques fall into two categories: steps to capture [...] Full article at :) I am amused. I mean, of course we're gonna do all this stuff, consequences-shmonsequences, it's what we do. And the sooner we embrace that, admit that we're gonna fuck with everything - the environment, people, government, society, civilization, nature, the Earth, the Moon, as soon as we can reach 'em

Relaxing Can Make You Fatter

Conventional wisdom says that exercise is a key to weight loss — a no-brainer. But now, Tel Aviv University researchers are revealing that life as a couch potato, stretched out in front of the TV, can actually be “active inactivity” — and cause you to pack on the pounds. Such inactivity actually encourages the body to create new fat in fat cells, says Prof. Amit Gefen of TAU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering. Along with his Ph.D. student Naama Shoham, Prof. Gefen has shown that preadipocyte cells — the precursors to fat cells — turn into fat cells faster and produce even more fat when subject to prolonged periods of “mechanical stretching loads” — the kind of weight [...] Full article at You can feel the point at which your body shifts into this mode. Just flexing the muscles from time to time, ya don't even have to move, keeps them 'awake', and I make it a habit to only bring a small portion of a snack with me when I'm chillin'

Willpower - It’s in Your Head

IS willpower an illusion? Is the traditional notion of a deep mental reservoir of strength a fiction? In recent years, the popular answer has been yes. Our abilities, according to this argument, are constrained by the narrow limits of our biology. In her 2008 book, “Health at Every Size,” the nutritionist Linda Bacon argues that, because of how the brain’s hypothalamus works, it is a “myth” that anyone can will himself to lose weight by maintaining a diet. “It’s not your fault!” she writes. “Biology is so powerful it can ‘make’ you break that diet.” [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Greg Walton is an assistant professor of psychology at Stanford. Carol Dweck , a professor of psychology at Stanford, is the author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awareness

Lower cholesterol without pills? It's possible - Health - Diet and nutrition

A nutrient-poor diet filled with added sugars and unhealthy trans fats is known to cause high cholesterol, so it sure makes sense try and fix the problem with healthy food. Although 25 percent of adults over the age of 45 take cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins -- which can sap your energy and cause problems for your sex life -- a new study reveals that changes to your diet might actually do a better job without the energy-sapping, sex-killing side effects. [...] Full article at OMG. Eating better food results in a healthier body? :O ([/sarcasm] This should not be news.) Posted via email from Moments of Awareness