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Lesson Learned or None the Wiser

We give power to the things of which we live in fear, the things we hate, the things upon which we base our negative judgements of others. There's a difference between remembering a past insult or injury and those who brought it to pass, and memorializing those things. The former allows us to learn, grow, and move forward carrying new wisdom, while the latter ensures that we remain afraid and retreat from any potential lessons. Instead, for instance, of reclaiming words and symbols that are appropriated by negative forces, we ban them for use in any of their former positive contexts and aggrandize the causes behind their hate-fueled or evil-associated uses. This serves two purposes in any society: It 1.) maintains divisions between people who have nothing more interesting to do than to debate insoluble moral questions - usually deferring inquiries as to what makes their position correct to their chosen higher power, be it God, science, or any other entity or school of thought t

Women's Work

Had some time to think on this, and we've come to some conclusions that suit us. Maybe you'll find them to be of interest also. Yes, we mean you. Labor and occupations of the sort often defined -- for convenience or spite, depending upon your perspectives of women and work -- as best assigned to the feminine gender, are those which require flexibility of schedule and physique, while roles requiring more rigidity are those our current US society and many others traditionally assign to men. And therein lies the rub. If you've been paying attention, we've never believed that one's physique is necessarily in any way tied to one's polar energies , but it's become convenient over time to use 'feminine' and 'women's' interchangeably (as well as 'masculine' and 'men's'), which is problematic in any human civilization. The feminine energy is simply that in any of us which is able to bend to accommodate, is always on the lookou