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We'd Like to Say...

... that the armed men occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge are pawns of the current administration, their actions designed to ensure a Democratic victory in November, but there's no room for humor in our current social climate so we won't. (Oh wait, we just did!) All joking aside, there are right and wrong things happening on all sides of the issues at the center of the current occupation situation in Oregon, because there are humans on all sides of those issues. With regards to this case, many people who live in the rural West have at least one story (some have many) of a rancher - themselves or a friend or acquaintance - who held out when the government tried to buy them out for some reason and were subjected to sometimes years of harassment and abuses of power, some even jailed as terrorists, meaning they could be held indefinitely or at least until their ranches could be seized through foreclosure if nothing else. One can only judge the veracity of a s