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Random Thoughts from January 18, 1999 and Before

Sometime when you have an hour... or two... think about these things: American government is currently leading us down a road to criminalisation of tobacco. These measures are being taken on the grounds that tobacco is a health risk to those who use it, and in certain circumstances to those who live long-term with those who use it. On the other hand, there is another legal narcotic - alcohol. This one is being heavily taxed, but there is no push for outright criminalisation, even though alcohol raises testosterone levels, lowers inhibitions, and figures prominently in the vast majority of violent crimes committed - the violent crimes for which many are currently in jail or prison. Some remind us of the violence and gang wars of the Prohibition, saying that's an ineffective means to the end of alcohol... They're right, but why then do we have so many non-violent 'criminals' residing in jail or prison today, rounded up under the laws of another Prohibition, one involving