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Mercury Retrograde, July 4-28, 2006

The planet of mental and lifestyle energies moves retrograde today at 12:28 PM MDT . It begins it's twenty-four day period of reflection in Leo, sign of pleasure and creativity, asking us to revisit and refine our attitudes and choices regarding recreation. Monday, July 10 at 2:18 PM, Mercury moves into Cancer, sign of home and family life, asking us to turn our attention to our interactions with those closest to us and the space in which we live until he turns direct again on Friday, July 28 at 6:33 PM. As always, this is a time to be particularly friendly to electronic devices (especially those involved in communication) and the vehicles we use for daily travel, as they are susceptible to glitchiness during this time. We'll want to allow extra time for getting around town and take a moment when speaking and writing to be sure we're making our points clearly and accurately, and it's a good idea to pay attention to our personal health and the habits that support (or de