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Random Thoughts from November 5, 2000

I should let you know that we may Be off the electrical grid for a couple weeks starting Tuesday. This will mean no new entries and no email, okay? We won't Be ignoring you, just can't get to you... That might Be for the best, as we'll probably Be fasting, too, and who knows, we might Be really cranky! :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, if our economy's so good, how come we can't get a loaf o' bread for less than a dollar? And the cost of living here is supposed to Be low! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Got to go to sleep early tonight. 11-6-00 tomorrow. See ya! :->

Random Thoughts from November 4, 2000

Well, we weren't on-line most of today 'til real late, 'cause we were rearranging the living bedroom. :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, did we tell ya we quit smokin'? At least for a while. :-> You may find out why, ya may not. Hope not, okay? :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From a Wisconsonian friend: "You want to hear something kinda troubling??? A news crew filming a story on voter registration caught some campaign workers driving homeless folks to the courthouse to vote absentee. No problem there, but after they voted they were each paid off with a pack or two of cigarettes, either Marlboro or Benson & Hedges. I won't say which campaign workers, Ill let you guess :-O" I thought, Big Tobacco=Big Money (Big Corporation)=Bush... I was wrong... It was that other majour-party candidate... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tired. Goin' to sleep. [?] tomorrow. See ya! :->

Random Thoughts from November 3, 2000

Well, we've done the anti-Bush stuff... Let's get to the anti-Gore stuff. I realise one or the other will probably win, but I want to make it very clear that I don't approve of either one... This, actually is as much pro-Bush as it is anti-Gore. Ignore that. They both suck. From: Braveheart * Veritas Vos Liberabit * Date: 03 November 2000 SPECIAL EDITION -- E-DAY 2000 CONTENTS: The Founders Perspective Insight Upright Editorial Exegesis Second Opinion Body Politic Dezinformatsia Village Idiots Short Cuts ______--------********O********--------______ THE FOUNDERS "A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one!" --Alexander Hamilton ______--------********O********--------______ SPECIAL EDITION -- E-DAY 2000 If Republicans can muster enough votes next Tuesday to elect George Bush as its next president, that will be a rather remarkable achievement. Conservatives have been demoralized for the

Random Thoughts from November 2, 2000

Buzz was climbin' around on the windowsill a while ago and tryin' to get behind the igs' log that sits up there, and the poor fella fell off the sill and dragged the log off on top of his Self... He started throwin' up a couple minutes later... They do that when they're overwrought... But then he went to sleep, and when he got up just now he seemed to Be fine... No blood, no swelling, no wooziness. Poor thing, though. It musta scared the hell out of him to make him get pukey. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We've just identified the shoe-stealer who's Been trying to get my golf shoe (it's not a real golf shoe, but my dad bought 'em for me for playin' golf in and they're really comfortable, one of only four sets of footwear I have that I really kind of don't mind wearing) into the ferret cupboard. We thought it was Buzz, but it turns out it's Barbie, the little sweet one... She's really workin' at gettin' that shoe in there, too, b

Random Thoughts from November 1, 2000

I trimmed up my hair yesterday... I'm goin' for dreads again. That's it. :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I learned some interesting things today, but you'll just have to wait to find out what they are. They were for Saint Don and I alone to know for now... :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sorry, gotta go to sleep now. Did ya see the new Table Of Contents ? Pretty cool, huhn... I know I need to change some stuff, don't worry... But if ya have any suggestions, I'm open; [?] with 'em! :-> [?] tomorrow. See ya! :->

Our Backyard

Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat

Random Thoughts from October 3, 2000

Today we had an exciting realisation about a good and feasible way to deliver DpOeNaAcLeD's stories to ya. It's gonna Be cool, but Saint Don has a lot of work to do before we can bring [it to] you. So I've Been working on my part of that, and October, Fish, April and all the rest (the continuing stoooories of The Three, their minions, and those whose lives they affect) are going to take a bit longer as I need Don for those and he's pretty busy these days. I'll do what I can, though, and we'll start with [Lightning], which I'm sure you'll enjoy. (Well, some of you might not, but you probably don't like this WWWebsite much at all anyway, so you probably won't even know about it. :->) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [10-04-2000] tomorrow. See ya! :->

Random Thoughts from September 9, 2000

Today we went to the flea market to sell tie-dyed T-shirts and Saint Don's artwork. Bobby & Rita came by and offered us a new avenue for advertising (cool, thanks!), a guy tried to sell us an airbrushing rig for $5,000, and another guy tried to sell us an MLM drag 'n' drop WWWeb site. It was interesting, but not really our cup of tea. Afterward we went to Onslow Beach on Camp LeJeune and walked about four miles, just picking up seashells and rocks and stuff. The ocean is so beautiful... When we got to the end of the beach we stopped and played in the water a bit. We realised there was nobody around for about a quarter-mile and thought we might have a little sex in the water. We did it in the Gulf when we were in Pensacola a couple years ago and it was really wonderful, but the water was too rough today. There was a little bunker half-buried and tipped over at about a fourty-five degree angle (like our tree!). It had windows on all four sides, but what the heck, we figur

Random Thoughts from September 8, 2000

Today is the most perfect and beautiful day of my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After two movies, Half-Baked and The Last Temptation of Christ , we're tired and going to sleep. [09-09-2000] tomorrow. See ya! :->

Random Thoughts from September 7, 2000

Today we got our itinerant merchant license and registered the name Moments Of Awareness in the state of North Carolina. Neat, huhn? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not enough time. Gotta go to bed. [09-08-2000] tomorrow. See ya! :->

Random Thoughts from September 6, 2000

Ya know, it really doesn't matter what chemicals we put into our foods, water and air. Some will survive and prosper, some won't. Vast chemical and environmental changes have taken place on the face of Earth many times before, and they will continue to for aeons to come. Species adapt and survive, or they don't and go extinct. The species that humans have brought to extinction were affected by as natural a force as the one that killed off the dinosaurs, whatever that was. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, the new baby Buzz has just succeeded in pushing our box o' pics off the stack of other boxes upon which it was precariously perched and they're all messed up, so I guess I need to re-organise them. I'll take some pitchers of 'em with the WebCam while I'm doing it I'm sure. 'Kay? :-> ~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the way, I just noticed that my index page has Been off by like four days this whole month... Thanks for not pointin' it out and makin' me fe