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Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-07-2008

The Five of Swords speaks of struggle and defeat, problems we didn't see coming that may bring depression or distress. Frustration is likely regarding work, love, and health concerns. It's best to focus on what matters, since efforts toward shallower concerns will seem hollow and not worth the energy.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-06-2008

The World card magnifies our efforts in any direction giving today's thoughts and activities a universal impact, with the focus mainly on gatherings, travel, and the physical, material side of life. If we choose to take risks presented today we ought to remain aware that while they may bring opportunities for change they also carry the possibility of unforeseen restriction or even blockage and that perseverance will be required to realize a positive outcome. Sports and other organizations are at the forefront of the day's doings.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-05-08

Ah, the Magician, conjuring new beginnings and desires made manifest. The business end of home and the heart - property, finance, and what we can and should expect - are at the forefront today. It's important here to focus on the goal.

Change of Plans re: NotableGoods at the Bouquet

The Bouquet (Boise, ID) is still closed for remodeling, so you can catch NotableGoods live when they open there for Uncle Bud on October 9, 2008.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-04-08

The Six of Swords indicates a good day for forming opinions on such subjects as politics and career as this energy facilitates effective evaluation of people in the public eye and professionals in our respective fields. Communication is supported here, especially in working relationships, and problems and obstacles can be effectively addressed. Where friends can be of use they want to be today.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-03-08

The Page of Swords asks us to seek out a steadfast person who's outstanding in his or her field. Personal relationships bring the unexpected today, including ideas that are bound to foster growth. We find ourselves tending toward motion, but it's important to control our reactions and listen for messages from the aethers.










Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-02-08

The Queen of Wands brings us into contact with someone warm, energetic, and fun. Our focus here is on matters of the heart and soul, the people closest to us, and personal fulfillment. Get-togethers with friends and family are favored here as new paths open before us.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-01-2008

The Five of Cups asks us to maintain our bearing as we're faced with a day of exhaustion and even depression. We're tired of delays, setbacks, and obstacles and in no mood to buck up. We cannot force interesting things to happen so it's a good day for just going over what we know and seeing what we're able to arrange in anticipation of better days to come.