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Energy of the Day Saturday, 05-02-09

The King of Swords tells of us gaining clarity through or around someone we find to be balanced, beautiful, and charming. Conflicts, both internal and external, bring us to make changes in our behavior with the realization that without those changes we won't make it in the world. It's a good day to address legal matters with professional assistance, and to maintain good relations with police and other enforcement officers.

Energy of the Day Friday, 05-01-09

The Three of Pentacles continues our focus on work with a spotlight on planning and paperwork (including literature). Meetings are particularly constructive though it's more important than usual that we choose our words carefully here. Practical applications of energy are favored, and will see us find reward down the line.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 04-30-09

The Knight of Swords finds us renewing our business activities in favor of financial security and those enterprises before us which we see as having potential. We seek to rise out of obscurity to a more fruitful position through choices regarding investments and partnerships of both the work and love varieties. Our minds are clear and communication is strong, the challenge under this energy being to remain grounded.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 04-29-09

The Queen of Pentacles blesses us with the presence of someone with a dream and a strong network of friends. Our hopes and aspirations are highlighted today, along with a sense of compassion for humanity. Service to mankind profits us, with financial verification being a strong indicator under this energy that we're moving in the right direction.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 04-28-09

The Knight of Cups has us branching out, whether through travel, education, or public relations. Good friends, social occasions, and time spent out of the home all have an increased capacity to expand our awareness under this energy. Emotion is today's key to mental stimulation.

Energy of the Day Monday, 04-27-09

The Chariot brings introspection and the opportunity (or the need) to make decisions around our passions. Confusion causes us to go through our affairs with a fine-toothed comb and question our choices. We reevaluate our family and home life in the light of various extremes under this energy and can only hope to come to the conclusions that bring the most good to ourselves, the people about whom we most care, and the widest variety of people in our wider worlds.