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MOA Tonight

We listen to music and talk to people. The number is 1-208-343-1100. Watch live on cable or on-line and give us a call between 10 and 11PM MT, watch previous shows on YouTube here , and check out the backgrounds on YouTube here . Check out Avenpitch & Illicit representin' for Minneapolis and Maryland, as well as Boise's own Garden City Limits & Clarified Butter on tonight's show. Posted via email from Moments of Awareness


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Boop Rocks - Planet Jefferson

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What's the true value of a stay-at-home mom? - Money

There is much discussion surrounding what it costs to raise a child, but a large portion of the expense can be reduced by having a mom stay at home with her kids. This often thankless job doesn't pay in the same way as a traditional occupation, however, leaving the matriarch of the family to garner her wages in snuggles and a somewhat delayed feeling of accomplishment. In honor of Mother's Day, we attempt to answer the question of "what would these homebound heroes make if they were paid in dollars?"  Got kids? While it's not an exact science, the calculator provided at is a nice starting point for figuring out the currency value of a stay-at-home mom. Since the amount of work will multiply with each child added to the household, a mom with a handful of young ones in the home (especially those who haven't entered school yet) will increase her worth. The value of add-ons   [...] Full article at  

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Experts: Much bigger sea level rise likely - US news - Environment - Climate Change

STOCKHOLM  — The Arctic is melting faster than expected and could contribute 2-3 feet more in global sea levels by 2100 than earlier thought, experts state in a report being presented to international officials on Wednesday. The report shatters predictions made four years ago by the authoritative U.N. climate change panel. "The observed changes in sea ice on the Arctic Ocean, in the mass of the Greenland ice sheet and Arctic ice caps and glaciers over the past 10 years are dramatic and represent an obvious departure from the long-term patterns," the international Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program says in its report. The report compiles the latest science on how climate change has impacted the Arctic in the past six years. Melting Arctic glaciers and ice caps are projected to help raise global sea levels by 35 to 63 inches by 2100, the program's scientists stated. [...] Full article at   Posted via email from Moments of Awa

Ecstatic Chanting with Steve Ross

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Thanks to @WeBlogtheWorld/curiosity counts - Jell-O bouncing in ultra-slow-motion at 6200 fps,...

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Does Botox Have Health Benefits?

Plagued by headache pain? New research suggests that Botox injections might benefit people who suffer from low cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) headaches -- a very specific condition. But the study also opens up the possibility that Botox is more broadly applicable in treating serious headaches than previously thought. The study, co-written by Michal Cutrer, M.D., a Mayo Clinic neurologist, centered on a patient who had suffered from CSF headaches for more than 20 years. With CSF, headaches are caused by internal spinal fluid leaks, which lower the pressure in part of the brain and cause it to sag downwards when the patient is standing or sitting upright. Though pain levels range from person to person, the patient from the Mayo Clinic study had dealt with debilitating headaches for half her life. “She had extremely intense pain that would only improve when she lay flat,” Cutrer explained, “So she really had been disabled for years, and had been to many, many doctors.” [...]

Thanks to @organicconnect/Leo Galland, M.D.: Olive Oil: A Natural Painkiller?

Could a traditional food have pain- and inflammation-reducing effects similar to over the counter pain medicine like ibuprofen? Scientists from Italy, Spain, the U.S. and Australia have discovered that extra virgin olive oil can provide significant health benefits, including the ability to help reduce pain and inflammation. This robust, flavorful oil is an example of the food as medicine concept, that foods can have a powerful impact on health. A Mythical, Sacred Oil From ancient Greece to the Holy Land, olive oil has been treasured. Celebrated as sacred in Greek mythology, the olive branch symbolized peace in Hellenic culture. Evidence of this ancient oil was discovered in 1901 at the "Room of the Olive Press" at Knossos on the island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. From there olives were pressed into oil over 4,500 years ago and the olive oil was exported to North Africa and mainland Greece. [...] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Leo Galland, M.D. on