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Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-12-09

The Seven of Wands finds us focused on affairs of love, the timing of trips, and clarity regarding finance. Pressure related to work, schedules, and personal commitments will get us moving if we don't let it stifle us. Our physical energy is directed here toward pleasure and creativity.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-11-09

The Knight of Swords puts our focus on jump-starting business activity and seeking financial security through potential enterprises. We're more noticeable today than usual, and find ourselves faced with decisions regarding investments and partnerships as well as affairs of love. Thoughtful communication and reasoned use of technology are favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-10-09

The Knight of Wands speaks of crossroads in life in which decisions must be made concerning living quarters, business arrangements, and partnerships of all kinds. It's a day of stress and difficulty but our efforts here will bring success, particularly if we take care to keep track of important documents. We'll do well here to let our emotions and thoughts balance one another in order to avoid clouded judgments and ineffective efforts.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-09-09

The King of Cups brings someone who tends to focus on the household, including but not limited to the family and it's security. Financial independence matters to us here but we find ourselves also daydreaming of love and romance. We'll do well to put today's energy toward any business that can be done from or should be cleared up around the home.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-08-09

The Page of Swords brings us someone grounded, self-possessed, and outstanding in his or her field. Unexpected developments in personal relationships, especially love relationships, bring ideas we can use toward future growth. It's particularly important today to be sure that the messages we send are clear and accurate and that we control our own reactions regardless of what takes place around us.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-07-09

The Fool demonstrates faith, hope, trust, contentment, and belief in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. We hold our ideals high and find ourselves acutely - perhaps painfully - aware of the roles of choice and personal effort in the workings of our lives. Mental acuity is strong and the role of technology in our lives is enhanced under today's energy.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-06-09

The Lovers bring unpredictable changes and interesting experiences, especially in the realms of love and friendship. Meetings of the mind and short journeys bring a sense of refreshment as well as the opportunity for new unions. It's a good day to examine our choices and to reorganize personal property and places of residence.