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Energy of the Day Friday, 07-10-09

The Three of Wands brings tests of faith but also unexpected wins. It's a day meant for checking theories and beliefs and looking into promising unions or ventures to be pursued with companies large or small. Contracts and documents play a large part in today's self-realization and -expansion.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-09-09

The Six of Pentacles has us focused on health decisions and investment potentials. We're at a point of balance at which what has been built needs to be culled for what's valuable, the rest recycled. We see real promise in enterprises and career opportunities offering a chance for solvency and gratification.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-08-09

The Queen of Swords brings to bear an analytical, service-oriented sort with a focus toward health. Electronic R&D and scientific investigation bring the desire to get into a new area, and deep thought brings change. We seek instruction and training where reason supports our intuitive draw toward an interest.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 07-07-09

The Knight of Wands finds us at a crossroad with regard to where we live, what we do, how we do it, and with whom. There are choices to be made, and it's important that we get and keep our important documentation in order. It won't be an easy path, but we will see a positive outcome.

Energy of the Day Monday, 07-06-09

The Four of Cups finds us focused on the material and our physical well-being. Mortality and spiritual obsessions inform our desires and abilities, as well as the ways in which we choose to apply our energy. We find our purpose by exploring what it is we want.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-05-09

The Star tells us that today is all about faith. The future holds infinite opportunity and it's our job to focus on possibilities we'd like to see made manifest. Expressing our hopes, dreams, and wishes to our friends helps us to sort through the myriad of options available here.