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Random Thoughts from May 2003

If I Were a Plant... ... I'd be a cattail  [defunct]. Then I'd be able to provide all the basics, housing, moisture, food, comfort and fun. Parts of me would be carried with many people for many reasons, ranging from pure aesthetics to curiosity about why I am what I am to functionality, and everywhere I went I'd find a spot that suited me, whether to sprout in right away or to lie dormant for rains to wake me up a while. My days would be spent outside in the sun observing that which passes by, until parts of me were taken inside to become part of some floral arrangement, or a child's toy. Perhaps I'd be made into a bed. Not only could I be woven into a frame (perhaps in tandem with my friends the willows), but my blown heads could be collected and used as filling for pillows and mattresses. When the fabric around me became worn or I became dirty, I could be returned to the ground and any part of me would sprout anew. I could thrive under a wide range of conditi