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Energy of the Day Friday, 10-16-09

The Page of Wands brings us a teacher espousing a broad-minded philosophy with a unique talent for seeing to the heart of the matter. We seek expansion through our activities and through discussion of matters of the mind and spirit, and of our life's work. Sexual attractions are strong here and foundations are laid for new beginnings.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 10-15-09

The Two of Pentacles finds us experiencing emotional tribulation as the result of difficult schedules, along with losses and discouragements in business. Our efforts seem to be in vain and words fail us, both written and spoken, but we'll do well to persevere. Work done here will reward us in the course of time with great good fortune.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 10-14-09

The King of Swords speaks of someone balanced, just, and partnership-oriented making a difference in our lives today. We seek clarity around inner and outer conflicts, especially those involving the law, and assistance from the police or another professional source is called for. Changes in behavior necessary to our making it in the world become clear.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 10-13-09

The Page of Cups speaks of the coming of a dreamer with a tendency toward illusory thinking into our presence. Meetings and discussions create expansion regarding future-oriented work-related projects. We have a yearning to discern the most available and effective means of unfolding material results from spiritual pursuits.

Energy of the Day Monday, 10-12-09

The Seven of Cups finds us searching for truth through life-altering events regarding family, friends, work, and love. Contact with the Universe comes through gut-wrenching spiritual experiences that bring feelings powerlessness and confusion. A sense of inadequacy is overcome by finding beauty in necessary destruction.

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