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Energy of the Day Sunday, 02-22-09

The Eight of Swords finds us feeling bound, restricted, and oppressed, with accidents and health problems taking a toll. We're handicapped from accomplishing what we hope to and we'll do well to keep an eye out for unusual dangers. Still in limbo, we find our minds deadlocked as to how to move forward into the good fortune offered behind the scenes here so patience and caution are called for in any decisions we must make.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 02-21-09

The Nine of Wands has us thinking of our own character, courage, and commitment as we pass through a sort of limbo today. Self-discipline, faith, and patience are necessary here as we wait for the right moment to act. We'll do well to gather and store strength and exercise stamina wherever we're able as both will be needed in the near future.

Energy of the Day Friday, 02-20-09

The Empress asks us to focus on balance and inner calm, to be rather than do wherever possible. Intuition is strong and emotion guides us through social engagements and travel. This is a good energy under which to connect and express ourselves.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 02-19-09

The Five of Swords finds us feeling frustrated and depressed, struggling with defeat and problems we didn't see coming. Work, love, and health are the areas most acutely affected here and the day finds us avoiding social niceties and superficial pursuits. Time is well-spent with our most magnetic friends applying knowledge to our hopes and dreams under this energy.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 02-18-09

The Four of Wands brings a wide range of experiences with special focus on relationships, communication, and enlightenment. If an opportunity arises to participate in something that matters to us we'll do well here to take it, and travel of all sorts is favored. We're attracted like lightning to people and things that raise our spirits.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 02-17-09

The Fool finds us full of trust, idealism, and a sense of our own impact in the universe. Hope and faith in the possibility of a brighter tomorrow allow us to choose contentment over worry or frustration. Thoughts and words flow freely today and it's up to us to do the work of using them appropriately.

Energy of the Day Monday, 02-16-09

The Three of Pentacles has us focused on career, paperwork, plans, and construction. We'll do well to utilize this energy practically in the pursuit of goals. Reading and writing done now bring rewards down the line.