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Energy of the Day Sunday, 02-15-09

The Knight of Wands has us focused on living quarters, important paperwork, business, and partnerships. Love affairs are (re)ignited under this energy, and choices must be made that won't be easy but we can have faith that the outcome will be positive. Our minds are infused with energy, but we must take care not to let ourselves be overwhelmed.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 02-14-09

The Queen of Cups brings us into contact with someone with a transformative influence, who destroys in order to create. We find ourselves doing research into secret knowledge and trying to impart what we learn to those around us, with varied results. Romance and magnetic attraction are underscored here, especially in those places we call home, and it's a good time to work toward resolution on issues regarding personal property.

Energy of the Day Friday, 02-13-09

The Star card has us focused on faith and the possibility it allows for the future. Our friends support us in our hopes, dreams, and wishes here, and logic is tempered by emotion. We are promised inspiration and renewal under this energy.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 02-12-09

The Nine of Pentacles has us focused on business, promotions, and efforts to revitalize existing conditions. Partnerships and corporate enterprises benefit from attention under this energy, as does our health. Service to others is asked of us today, especially those to whom we're magnetically drawn and in whom we see beauty.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 02-11-09

The Six of Swords indicates a day of making evaluations, forming opinions, and dealing with problems and obstacles, particularly related to work and public or professional people. Communication with friends and businesspeople regarding our hopes, dreams, and wishes is supported here, as are short-distance travel and technology-related endeavors. The going may not be easy under this energy but there is balance to be found and utilized, if we will, in our choice-making.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 02-10-09

The Ace of Cups has our focus fixed on new beginnings, illumination, inspiration, and satisfaction. Ideas sprout readily and love and creativity flow around us in fresh directions. Pleasure is paramount, and emotion and intuition are our guides to finding it.

Energy of the Day Monday, 02-09-09

The Tower card asks us to hold on to faith wherever we can find it as we're likely to need it today. Conflict, separation, bizarre encounters, and business and financial problems plague us here and we find ourselves wanting to take drastic measures. Even under devastating conditions it's important that our actions reflect our spirit.