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So Here We Are (or 'Assumptions and Hypocrisies')

We find ourselves, fellow Americans, at a time in our country when there is no right answer. There are expected answers, dependent upon with whom it is we're speaking. There are canned responses, to be trotted out whenever we're confronted with various situations. There are narrow bands of opinions from which we may feel free to choose one in a given conversation, but the one we choose will come with an attached set of assumptions to be used by those who are sitting in judgement - and judgement is in ample supply even from the most unlikely quarters. Assumptions abound in the current social climate, and we all know what AssUMe-ing makes of you and me, but the antidotes for it are to ask questions and to be able to believe the answers we're given. In a PC world, however, both questions and answers must be carefully crafted in order to avoid, ironically, judgement, therefore everything has begun to be taken at first with a grain of salt and lately with huge, toxic doses the

An Opinion Regarding the Universe's Dark Forces

Dark matter and dark energy are the negative imprint left by those parts of reality that exist in the same spacetime as ours but in different dimensions and/or at different frequencies than our own. Black holes act as alveoli, transferring matter and energy between realities in a respiratory process, while the 'dark' (i.e., invisible and almost entirely without physical effect in our universe , or one might say, 'unknowable', although the line of what can't be known will shift with each new discovery) components give form and structure to the spaces between everything from electrons and their atoms' nuclei to galaxies in the universe. The wave does not become a particle, but exists in every part of every possible spectrum and continuum at any given time, while any observer sees only in a finite spectrum, comprehending the portion (particle) of the wave existing in their own continuum. However, as the observer is moving across time, the particle - constantly mov

'Fit of Anger'

Of course President Trump imposed these tariffs in the course of a 'temper tantrum'. Can't claim insider trading if it was just a spontaneous outburst.