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Energy of the Day Sunday, 06-14-09

The Seven of Swords finds us rearranging our priorities and seeking to attain perfection amidst uncertain conditions. Family members, partners, and health all play a part as we focus on self-protection. Introspective analysis of our hopes, dreams, and wishes allows us to get a better sense of our place in the wider world.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 06-13-09

The Ten of Cups brings a day of rest from work and worry although we still seek to get out of the house. Dreary responsibilities are left behind as we pursue unconventional relationships. It's a good day to act on our dreams as long as we're cautious not to be fooled by illusion.

Energy of the Day Friday, 06-12-09

The Nine of Wands asks that we do the best we're able and that we rest when time and life allow. We're called upon today to engage our faith and courage, and to exercise self-discipline in following our convictions. Stamina of character is found in understanding that the right moment in which to act will make itself apparent.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 06-11-09

The Nine of Pentacles has us focused on business and promotion as well as revitalization of existing conditions. We seek to advance our careers and mediate change through partnerships and corporate enterprises. Magnetic attraction pulls us toward activities through which we can serve the cause of good health.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 06-10-09

The Queen of Cups brings to bear an individual who seems to see right through us, and whose influence is transformative. Romance, research - especially on esoteric subjects - and problem resolution rule the day, with issues surrounding the home and personal property at the top of our to-do lists. It's worth trying to make a point under this energy, but we shouldn't be too disappointed if we feel like we're not getting through.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-09-09

The Two of Wands indicates a strong singular focus on self-improvement, especially with regard to the external world. We have abundant energy today and are driven to use it toward bettering our career or the environment in which we do most of our work. Presenting our best image allows for gains in status.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-08-09

The King of Cups brings us into an emotional encounter with a person who tends to focus on home, family, and security. We daydream about love and romance, but financial independence and business of and done in the home get the main emphasis here. Today's energy is profitable when applied intuitively.