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Energy of the Day Friday, 08-07-09

The Hermit brings people from the past back into our lives as we move from one phase into the next. We have reached a pinnacle from which we can see both problems and solutions more clearly as we seek to fit them together. Perfection and completion go hand in hand, but finishing a thing doesn't always mean we're done with it.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-06-09

The Fool brings us faith, hope, trust, and contentment. Our ideals are high, and we believe that tomorrow can be better than today. An intellectual understanding of the workings of the Universe and the roles of choice and personal effort infuse the air as we go about today's affairs.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-05-09

The Empress asks us to stop and listen, to our own inner voice and to what those around us are saying, before we speak. Self-expression is important here but will be best done passively through intuitive socializing rather than actively, although we are likely to travel. We'll do well to allow ourselves to form heartfelt emotional connections under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-04-09

The Queen of Swords brings to us an analytical sort with a strong interest in health and service to others. Research and development as well as training in new areas top our to-do lists here, and we're able to think deeply in innovative ways about changes that need making. We'll do well to put science and electronics to good use under this energy.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-03-09

The Seven of Swords finds us working at things without making a lot of progress as we're faced with instability and uncertain conditions. Introspection rules the day, along with analysis of our priorities around family members, partners,health, and how those things relate to our own well-being. We seek perfection and the fulfillment of our hopes and dreams with regard to the wider world.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-02-09

The Queen of Cups brings us into contact with someone whose presence tends to be transformative, and who looks to the future in terms of the legacy one's choices will leave. We're drawn toward research on hidden subjects and toward working at getting an idea across to others where doing so is likely to bring some form of resolution. The home and personal property as well as romance with someone to whom we're magnetically attracted hold our emotional focus under this energy.