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Energy of the Day Sunday, 08-31-2008

The High Priestess advises us to see and be seen, but also to watch and learn. Negotiation is likely, particularly of a financial nature, and our position is solidified through the discerning assimilation and application of intuitive understanding. Where we're torn between two options we'll do well to seek the ever-present but oft-overlooked third one.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 08-30-2008

The Five of Wands has us wanting to express but uncertain how best to go about doing so. Changes made today will be reformative as we seek balance between action and intention. Success here is finding the place where work and love come together in harmony.

Energy of the Day Friday, 08-29-08

The Ace of Cups brings us new beginnings and fresh ideas regarding pleasure and creativity. Our hearts guide us to find inspiration as emotion illuminates the Universe. We know we're on the right path when we're satisfied with our direction.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 08-28-08

The Knight of Pentacles puts today's focus on travel, promotion, and property, specifically as they relate to our well-being. Happiness is the bottom line since without it life and love are not complete. The path before us is clear.










Energy of the Day Wednesday, 08-27-08

The King of Pentacles calls on us to seek an intellectual advisor with a child-like temperament (or childish if we prefer). As old projects come to an end and new ones begin, the focus is on mental pursuits, communication, art, and the media. High-powered contacts are likely under this energy.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 08-26-08

The Seven of Cups (again) tells us that our search for truth continues and so may our anxiety. Where we touch or are touched by those around us today reverberations echo throughout our personal Universe. We will do well to seek positive contact.

Many Thanks

Moments of Awareness with Peace & the Dudes will be forever grateful to Linden for offering the benefit of his wisdom and expertise, to Ted for the rockin' sound, and to Notable Goods for their fantastic performance on last night's show. Don't miss them live at The Bouquet , Friday, September 5, 2008, beginning at 9:00 PM. Bring lots of money, and remember to tip your bartender. :)

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-25-2008

The Seven of Cups brings a day of uncertainty in all the areas most important to us, but within this confusion lies truth or a path to it. What we find here is life-changing and likely to be a bit uncomfortable. It may help to remember that feelings of smallness come most easily when we're looking into infinite eternity, which might also be referred to as limitless possibility.