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Weekly Horoscope, May 14-20, 2006

Please be sure to check the reading date, as postings will be made early much of the time. Current readings will always be posted at MOA . [updated link (February 1, 2014):  MOA Eot* ] The week gets off to a fiery start as Sag's Moon forms a lucky trine with Leo's Saturn just after midnight Sunday morning MDT . The Taurus Sun continues to offer stability and weight to life's dealings, but at most other levels today's energy is largely fire tempered by water. The result is a day of spiritual and emotional renewal. At about 8:30 AM there's a bit of upheaval concerning our idealism and recent optimism toward homey affairs, but a steady approach will bring us through it with positive effect. In the later afternoon things begin to feel a bit blocked but if we take care in our words and keep travel to a minimum this too will bring us to a larger playing field by day's end. Monday continues in much the same vein. This day is busy and larger than life, full of