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Energy of the Day Monday, 07-20-09

The Magician brings new beginnings and desires made manifest. Houses, property, and finance are high priorities, as are the urgings of love. This is a good day for expressing ourselves with an eye toward future development.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 07-19-09

The Knight of Pentacles has us thinking and feeling our way toward life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. There is a focus on travel, promotion, and property investment, but it's secondary to our desire for fulfillment and satisfaction. We are brought to the surface to breathe fully and deeply through all our senses.

Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-18-09

The Page of Cups blesses us with the presence of a believer, someone who's been around the block a few times but still carries the wisdom of youth in his or her heart and mind. Our worlds unfold and expand under this energy, and we can see clearly what it is we desire. Meetings are held and discussions are had regarding future-oriented work-related projects.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-17-09

The Ace of Pentacles has us continuing what we've started but in a new vein. We look forward to pleasure and prosperity through wise investment of time and money, and satisfaction in potential partnerships. New growth arises where we've recently pruned.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-16-09

The Ten of Wands finds us finishing things up so we're able to move forward in a new direction. Planning and execution are at the top of our priority list, and doing what must be done as we move toward progress. Hard work is called for here and a mindset toward broad philosophies, but we can expect our labor to be rewarded.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-15-09

The Wheel of Fortune brings us around to a new beginning in which the unexpected alters our course. We gather important information today regarding controversial matters and conflicts of interest, and an idea we've been tossing around begins to make sense. We find bounty in what has been and look to expand upon it as we move into what will be.