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Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-19-09

The Ten of Wands finds us planning, executing, and moving forward all at once in order to keep up with a major shift. We progress in the interest of new projects, plodding through and meeting practical difficulties as we go. As we take steps toward the future we'll do well to keep our eyes on the broader philosophical goal and the effort required to get there.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-18-09

The Ten of Swords brings up any areas in and issues around which we need to clear up stagnancy. A reasonable approach will be most beneficial, especially when it comes to ourselves, our homes, and our communities, and where we must do business we'll do well to clear our heads before making a case. We're at the end of one cycle but can't begin a new one until we finish tying up our loose ends.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-17-09

The Magician calls upon us to follow our hearts and make real that which has been a dream. New beginnings, especially with regard to houses, property, and finance, arise through thoughtful communication and travel. It's a good day for taking the initiative in tapping into the infinite.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-16-09

The Strength card brings focus to challenges regarding family, finance, and spiritual fortitude. We find new approaches to things that have in the past eluded us, especially with regard to business, and we're rewarded for persistent efforts. Pleasure and creativity rule the day.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-15-09

The Five of Wands finds us torn, particularly regarding business and romance. Inner conflicts arise as a result of suppressed desires, and change comes through analysis of the effects of our intentions. Our sense of personal integrity brings reform as we choose to express ourselves as we truly are with the long-term rewards and consequences of doing so in mind.

Energy of the Day Monday, 09-14-09

The Seven of Wands has us seeking clarity regarding our schedules and personal commitments. We find ourselves under pressure at work and in love, struggling to get our timing right. Today's energy is fruitfully expended in travel and toward the cause of financial security.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 09-13-09

The Nine of Pentacles has us focused on business, partnerships, and advancement. It's a good day for promoting corporate enterprises, and for working toward change and revitalization. We're magnetically attracted here to areas in which we can serve the cause of health amongst our loved ones.