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Energy of the Day Saturday, 01-31-09

The Six of Swords has us focused on evaluations, career goals, and working relationships. Obstacles arise related to professional people we encounter, and public opinon matters. We'll do well today to express our hopes, dreams, and wishes to those we consider to be our friends.

Energy of the Day Friday, 01-30-09

The Four of Pentacles highlights issues of work and financial security, safe spaces, and conservation. We find ourselves invested in making the most of anything we do and seeking to minimize waste on every level. What refreshes us spiritually today is working toward goals in the most efficient ways possible.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 01-29-09

The Devil card indicates a day of cloudy perceptions and negative cycles of events through which we find it difficult to see the bigger picture. We find ourselves gaining problems and losing ground, struggling to remain aware that today's efforts will bring reward or consequence in the long run depending upon our attitudes and intentions. It's when things are hardest that it's most challenging and most important to maintain integrity.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 01-28-09

The King of Swords brings us into contact with someone charming, balanced, and cheerful as we seek clarity regarding both internal and external conflicts. Clarity and insight cause us to modify our behavior, particularly with regard to legal matters. Mental energy is strong and vital today.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 01-27-09

The Lovers card brings unpredictable change, interesting experience, love, and friendship. Travel and reorganization come about as a result of new unions and examination of our choices. Meetings revolve around the home and personal property, and mindfulness in communication is of paramount importance.

Energy of the Day Monday, 01-26-09

The Sun illuminates issues regarding people, society, and public image. Marriage and other unions are illuminated as we seek to bring benefit to others and vindicate ourselves. Charity and glamour merge to bring a sense of spiritual achievement.