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Energy of the Day Saturday, 04-04-09

The King of Cups brings us into contact with someone oriented to home and family, and puts our household and any business to do with it at the center of our focus. While financial security takes precedence, we find ourselves daydreaming about love and romance. Whether we boil low and slowly or fast and furious under this energy, things will be steamy.

Energy of the Day Friday, 04-03-09

The Nine of Cups brings a strong emotional charge to events surrounding personal affairs and material well-being. Love, security, and health top our priority lists and if we're wise we strip away illusion in the interest of bringing dreams nearly matured into fruition. Great good fortune arises out of diving into the deepest waters of our souls today.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 04-02-09

The Two of Pentacles illuminates emotional tribulation and discouragement in business. Challenging schedules, vain endeavors, and ineffectiveness with words both spoken and written plague us. There's bounty hidden in today's energy if we can persevere in the face of apparent blockages.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 04-01-09

The Six of Pentacles finds us having a moment of gratification as we look over what we've begun and the potential that lies before us. Enterprises and career opportunities worth investing in catch our attention here, and we're emotionally drawn to material promise. It's a good day for making choices regarding our health.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 03-31-09

The Nine of Cups brings to the spotlight personal affairs and material well-being as they relate to security and health. Emotions run high today, and we'll do well to keep our cool as much as possible, especially at work and in love relationships. Great good fortune can be found here in working to make our dreams manifest as long as we're careful not to fall prey to illusion.

Energy of the Day Monday, 03-30-09

The Queen of Swords brings us into contact with an analytical, health-conscious, helpful type, and raises a desire to develop new interests. Research and development are supported, and deep thinking fosters change, particularly in areas involving science and electronics. We act through our emotions here, but with full intellectual awareness of our choices and their potential consequences or rewards.