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Let President Trump Do Whatever He Wants

Let's face it: There are nearly 7.4B people on Earth at this time. The question of how many this planet can support is essentially unanswerable , but current widely-accepted estimates stand at around 10B, which we're expected to reach between 2050 and 2100 . Of course, the accuracy of these estimates depends in large part upon levels and types of consumption and rates of procreation, but without diving into all the variables explored so well and thoroughly in each of the two articles linked above (such as the need for a majority of people to stop consuming animal products, for instance), we'll just go with the stated numbers for the purposes of this post. You get the gist. More important in any case than whether the world is overpopulated or quickly on its way toward being is the question of with whom it is currently populated. Depending upon your source , President Trump's recent approval ratings lie between 39 and 55% in the US. Current statistics for his approva