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Excerpts from "Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements" with Annotations, or 'The New Trump Towers'

Sec. 3. Definitions. (d) Except as otherwise noted, "the Secretary" shall refer to the Secretary of Homeland Security. More on this below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sec. 5. Detention Facilities. (a) The Secretary shall take all appropriate action and allocate all legally available resources to immediately construct, operate, control, or establish contracts to construct, operate, or control facilities to detain aliens at or near the land border with Mexico. Detention facilities are not new in the US. There are currently 111 such facilities operating around the country, and our nation's first such establishments were used to contain other groups of Native Americans . What's notable about this current order is its parallel to the immediacy with which the Konzentrationslager were ordered after Hitler's appointment as Chancellor and the subsequent issuance of the Reichstag Fire Decree in 1933. The Fire Decree was instated in response to (and as a means of pr