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Energy of the Day Saturday, 09-05-09

The Hermit finds us standing alone at a point from which we can examine the recent work of our lives and discover what's required to complete this phaseand be ready for the next. People from the past bring direction and solutions and we begin to see the potential for perfection in what is. Service in support of health is called for.

Energy of the Day Friday, 09-04-09

The Queen of Cups brings to us a person whose focus tends to be the destruction of that which is not useful in favor of what he or she prefers to bring forward. We seek results through research, especially of that which is hidden, and hope to get an idea across to someone with whom we share a magnetic attraction. Resolution of issues surrounding the home and our personal property tops our to-do list.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 09-03-09

The Three of Wands brings victories we weren't looking for, especially regarding companies and partnerships. Our faith is tested through evocative situations and we're asked to check our theories against the documented facts at hand. Unions formed and business ventures pursued here carry strong promise.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 09-02-09

The Ace of Cups puts the focus on inspiration and satisfaction, what's left of the end bringing illumination to the beginning. New ideas, fresh starts, creativity, and pleasure rule the day. Love is abundant under this energy, and we find comfort in our emotions.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 09-01-09

The Devil clouds our perception and leaves us unable to clearly see the picture before us. We feel stuck in a cycle of adversity in which problems appear to multiply and things fail to go the way we think they should. There is no way out but through, so our best bet here is to keep moving forward to the best of our ability and keep in mind that every choice carries it's own inevitable reward and/or consequence.

Energy of the Day Monday, 08-31-09

The Hermit has us seeking solutions and finding perfection in completion. We enter the final stage of our current cycle and begin to see the makings of the next. People from the past reemerge today, and our focus is on health and on service to others.