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Energy of the Day Saturday, 07-04-09

The Knight of Swords has us focused on financial security, rising in status, and decisions of investment and partnership. Affairs of love require that we make thoughtful choices, and it's a good day to pursue any enterprises of which we've considered being a part. Mental acuity is strong and communication is favored under this energy.

Energy of the Day Friday, 07-03-09

The Page of Wands brings to bear on our activities and discussions a philosophically broad-minded individual with a teaching temperament. We want to learn and grow, which leads us to take inventory of our work- and spirit-related ideas and analyze our sexual attractions. New beginnings are in order here as we make spirit manifest in our physical worlds.

Energy of the Day Thursday, 07-02-09

The Ten of Pentacles finds us focused on domestic matters, including our friends, community, and working environment. Daily living costs are at the forefront, particularly where they're related to our home and family. We'll want to finish this minor cycle being of service by being ourselves.

Energy of the Day Wednesday, 07-01-09

The Ace of Cups sheds light on new ideas, love, and creative endeavors. We're inspired to make a fresh start, with pleasure and satisfaction as our goals. Our best guide under this energy is our own inner voice.

Energy of the Day Tuesday, 06-30-09

The Five of Pentacles brings self-doubt, suffering, and external pressure. Difficulty in dealing with others creates a sense of loss and misfortune in love, business, and marriage. It's worth the trouble of expressing ourselves here to the best of our ability as long as we keep in mind the long-term products of our words.

Energy of the Day Monday, 06-29-09

The Chariot brings us to a place of confusion and asking conflicting questions of ourselves. An examination of our affairs makes apparent the necessity of making choices regarding the things about which we're passionate. Introspection and reevaluation of the issues allow us to find paths toward the security of our homes and families.

Energy of the Day Sunday, 06-28-09

The Eight of Cups sheds light on projects, relationships, and ideals that have run their course. We want to move on and do something new, and our dreams call us to take practical steps toward making them a reality. Given the long-term ramifications of today's choices we'll do well to steer clear of illusory thinking.