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It's Not About the Wall

President Trump has been diverting attention from his concerted effort to discredit (with the goal of greatly reducing or eliminating , although of course he says the opposite ) the US Forest Service , the National Park Service , the Bureau of Land Management , and other agencies that stand in the way of unfettered commercial and industrial development of federal public lands since before he took office. To this end Mr. Trump tacitly supports a step-by-step reversion of the land to the states led by his friend 's cousin, Sonny Perdue - the president's appointed head of the USDA - despite a lack of authority to do so (pg. 4). When the states can't afford to do their part in managing those lands under newly-signed Memorandums of Understanding (e.g. these from the DoI and BLM ), the lands will be ' disposed of '. Fears of a sell-off are probably unfounded, as the goal is far more likely to be to give private interests the ability to use (and abuse and profi