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Weekly Horoscope, May 28-June 3, 2006

Please be sure to check the reading date, as postings will be made early much of the time. Current readings will always be posted at MOA . [updated link (February 1, 2014):  MOA Eot* ] The week begins with a mixed bag, as Sunday's energy fluctuates from positive to negative and back again all day. The trick to days like this is to maintain a positive attitude in periods of negative energy in order that when things turn positive again in the wider world our internal energy is aligned and ready to accept what comes. We spend the early part of the day stuck in our thoughts, and at 10:30 AM MDT our emotions jump into the mix which, while uncomfortable at first, brings a welcome bit of stability. The morning's subsequent developments carry us through the afternoon to a point of new possibility around 4:23 PM in terms of action we may take regarding that which attracts us, after which the Moon is void of course until entering her home sign of Cancer at 5:33. There's some mi